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Samuel Yakubov

Round 1 deadpool vs batman

Batman and deadpool are trapped in a warehouse. Deadpool can't teleport out. There is a bomb under the ware house that is made of the same thing that deadpool used to kill wolverine. It explodes in 2 hours. Batman has his normal items but no back up. Deadpool has two swords,teleport belt,and his magic sachold. So wins?

Round 2 black cat vs catwoman

Black cat over hears two people saying that catwoman is better than her. So she asked them where to find her and some information. Then she sets a trap which is she puts fake diamonds in a cabin. So catwoman finds the fake diamonds and black cat says that the diamonds were fake so catwoman gets mad. They both have their normal items and black cat has her bad luck powers.So who wins?

Round 3 wolverine vs deathstroke

Lex Luther hires deathstroke to kill wolverine because wolverine is to powerful for Lex. All led does is show his picture and tell were is team mates are. So deathstroke kills cyclops,gambit, beast, and processor x.When wolverine sees deathstroke killing processor x. Wolverine gets mad. They both normal items and wolverine can go in berserk mode. So wins?

Round 4 namor vs aqua man

Namor sees in aqua man in Atlantis Namor says that Atlantis is his place but aqua man says Atlantis is his place. So they for it. They both have their normal items. So wins?

Round 5 thor vs captain marvel (Shazam)

Shazam sees that thor is using lighting. Then Shazam says that lighting is his thing. But thor says he is the god of thunder. So Shazam says let's fight for it. They both have their power. So who wins?

Round 6 green goblin (Norman Osborn) vs joker

Joker go's inside of oscorp and kills ten people and the 11th people told him where is green goblin. So then green goblin sees joker coming. Then joker came inside his office. So green goblin pushes him off the window. Then land on a rooftop. They both have their normal items. So who wins?

Round 7 ultron vs brainiac

Ultron plans to hack in a powerful robot that can destroy the avengers. While brainiac also plans to hack in to the robot too. So they both meet at the warehouse where the robot is. They who keeps the robot. They are in their best form. The warehouse melts in 1 hour in 8 billion ○F. So who wins?

(Final) Round 8 hawkeye vs green arrow

Hawkeye says he is the best archer. But iron man tells there is another archer named green arrow. So hawkeye finds green arrow in a parking lot. Green arrow says you think you are better than me. Hawkeye said yeah. They both have their normal arrows. So who wins?


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