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The "Rogue Cut" of [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](tag:203942) is set to be released in Blu-ray on July 14, 2015, which will also be the 15th anniversary of the original first X-Men movie that came out back in 2000. The filmed scenes with Rogue never made the actual theatrical cut. She was though, in the first trailer that came out for the film. The Rogue Cut will be featuring 17 extra minutes of footage in the film, but this time, it will be with the classic X-Men member Anna Paquin!

The clip below is new leaked footage from behind-the-scenes with Anna Paquin in costume as Rogue in the shooting of the film. You can see that she's in the abandoned monastery with the rest of the surviving X-Men trying to hide away from the evil futuristic sentinels.

You can also see in the video above, Rogue is in the epic Blackbird with Charles Xavier!

Check out some of these awesome, and epic photos from the set!

Is Rogue being experimented on? Does it have anything to do with making the sentinels more powerful?

Ice-Man helping out Rogue escape from wherever that place is!

Magneto breaking Rogue out if that mutant prison!

Magneto's helping Rogue get onto the Blackbird!

The cast having some fun! Imagine if Deadpool was the pilot of the Blackbird?!

How is Rogue sending Wolverine's mind back in the past when Kitty has that power?

Just as a BONUS, here's an actual clip from the "Rogue Cut"!

In the clip, it actually seems that Rogue is somehow stuck inside of Cerebra while Magneto and Ice-Man try and save her. This is one of the clips that Bryan Singer couldn't fit into the theatrical version of the film.

Why was the "Rogue Cut" cut?

Rogue has been with the X-Men since the first movie came out 15 years ago. So why was she cut out of this one? It's pretty simple, her part in the film just didn't work with the story-line. Why was the Rogue plot written in the first place? Writer Simon Kinberg in an interview with Empire explains right here:

The Rogue subplot was originally there because I wanted a mission for the older Charles and Eric to do, something like Unforgiven – two last gunslingers, Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman – that kind of a mission for them. I just loved the idea of that. Nothing in the story necessitated that, but just for a lark, I thought it would be a cool thing to see, because we may never see it again.

It was mostly meant to be one last awesome mission for Xavier and Eric to do together, since they've been enemies most of the time. How would the story-line work with the main plot?

When I initially wrote that, Kitty’s power was running out, and there was this super silly serum that was down in a farmhouse… it was terrible. I don’t even think it went to script, but it went to outline, and [First Class writer/director] Matthew Vaughn said it was terrible, and he was right.

So Kitty is losing her power to phase people's minds through time! How would Rogue fit in there?

Then I thought that if her power was winding down, they needed something stronger or someone who could take over her power. This came from a conversation with Matthew, which was about no-one having the same power as her but then realising there was someone who could take her power. I got chills. Rogue could be the McGuffin of that mission. They’d have to get Rogue out of some dark scary place, and that’s what happens. It’s a really nice sequence, and it’ll end up on Blu-ray some way down the line.

Pretty cool, right? It would've been really awesome to see all of that take place on the big screen but....

But it does not service the main story. I thought it would increase the urgency and the stakes of the plot in the future, but it actually does the opposite, because it makes you feel like there is an answer out there. You think once Rogue gets here, we’ll have an unlimited amount of time. The ticking clock that we’d established with Kitty getting wounded and losing her powers… well, Rogue would show up and press stop on the clock. So for all of those narrative reasons, there was this ten-minute subplot that had to go.
Anna Paquin's original role
Anna Paquin's original role

The "Rogue Cut" may not have been in the theatrical cut, but at-least fans get a chance to see it when it's released in Blu-ray on July 14, 2015! X-Men: Apocalypse will be released to theaters on May 27, 2016! Comment down below about what you think towards the "Rogue Cut"!


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