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The War

The sky cracks open. Darkness looms over the city. A rain of Dark Angels pours down upon us all.

An infinite army. Assembled from each Tooniverse visited by The Beast and The Shadow.

Skelanimal and Shadow Rogue. Storming down, leading the charge, going for the kill.


The doomsday clock counts down to annihilation of all that exists.

Diablos. The Chaos King who riegns over the Dark Superhero City is coming for us.

Once we are gone nothing can stop the light from dying.

We have lost the ability to fight this battle on any other grounds then here and now.

The White Rogue must die. She has lost her light. She is without power.

Will you protect her? Or will you take part in her demise?

SilverRune and The White Rogue

The Fortress of Aegis is now under attack. Shadow Demons rain down upon the Utopia and smother the shine with darkness. The King, Wanderer, Ruin and the others must now defend themselves from the onslaught of Dark Angels.

SilverRune picks The White Rogue up and into her arms. She is sobbing and useless. Aingealag does the same with The Old Crone, who is weak from the stress of her life long journey leading to this place... her end.

Crone - " No. I am too weak to continue. I will only slow you down. Go... go while you can. There is still a chance. But she must find herself... to end the darkness. "

SilverRune looks to Aingealag. She nods that is time he goes alone once more. Aingealag then rests the Old Crone on the altar and prepares herself for battle. SilverRune takes The White Rogue and runs down the hallway leading away from the battlezone. He looks back to see the room he just left is now lit up in the sparks of battle. There is no going back.

Soon they find themselves outside the Fortress of Aegis. Looking back they see only destruction pouring down from the skies.

The White Rogue hangs on as SilverRune takes flight.

" We still have one last hope. But you'll have to trust me. We still have allies and we still have a weapon to use against Skelanimal and The Dark Rogue. You just need to snap out of it and I need to keep you alive." Frantic are his words.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the city, The lone ship of the Pirates soars back into SuperHero City. They are here to honor their deal. To deliver the goods they have. The White Scimitar and what or whoever is in the brown sack.

The Shadow Rogue and Chromatic Death

The entity of shade and sorrow has returned to her city. This place is now hers for the taking.

She sniffs out her prey. She searches for The Last Rogue.

Finding old friends and new enemies.

Chromatic Death

He once tried to warn her about the shadow she could become. Now she will warn him about the dying light he still tries to protect.


He stands ready, but not ready enough. The Shadow Rogue slashes and rips into his gear and then to his hide. He fights back but the shadow consumes all and he is soon defeated. Left for dead. Streaming from the energies that annihilated his body. He will heal. But he still lost the war before it even started.


Light - 00

Dark - 02

The Shadow Rogue moves away from its latest victim. She takes the air once again in search of The White Rogue. Sniffing out old Pirate hide outs and dens. She will find what she is looking for. But until then, she will ravage all those who stand in the way.

Chad Rockwell joined the fray. Even though he very well expected to be wiped out in the first round by The Shadow Rogue he somehow managed to survive two rounds against the female entity of darkness. Though he lost the battle he has summoned forth his own allies in the form of his own ageless foe Zerocurew the Dracolich. Perhaps this combination of ages old enemies might be able to drain Skelanimal of his misbegotten magic and save The White Rogue from eternal damnation. Anything less cannot be helped but for good to triumph evil must pay dearly.

Zerocurew looked over the battlegrounds with mixed feelings. Though as a servant of Lloth the Drow Spiderqueen he was very much empowered by all the chaos going on, however he too was well aware that if Skelanimal and Shadow Rogue overtook his own dimension's Earth then Lloth would be easily cast aside.

OOC: In my undead dragon lich (dracolich) form, Zerocurew possesses the power of Spellfire. With this uber powerful rare ability any magic sent his way is returned at quadruple the beginning force. Is well documented in Forgotten Realms lore actually. With this ability I shall send back the magical chaos powers of Skelanimal and Shadow Rogue back to whence they were stolen originally.

Being undead Zerocurew will not let death stop him from fighting on the side of Lawful Evil against the Chaotic evil of his foes. Lloth shall give him vast rewards if The Angelic Rogue of Light is not defeated by her foes or betrayed by her allies to save themselves. Prepare all of you Dark Angels for this particular force of dread has now come forth to battle!

The Mysterious Mr. Awesome ran as fast as his legs would take him. He jumped over the nearest building, only to be hit by a massive shower of power unlike anything he has seen before, he lay there broken unable to move, he pushed his eyes up to see the Shadow herself decending upon his soon to be corpse.

15 mins earlier

"You have to run, take them all to the secret tunnels and get out of the city now," Mr. Awesome said to Teacher as he shook him. His last job given to him by the Angel herself was to get the kids out of the city. Teacher was busy trying to mind meld the oldest student with his knowledge so he could become Teacher.

"Blast you, do you know how dangerous it is to break a mind meld," Teacher said furiously, "You know once I'm done giving this boy my knowledge I will come and fight with you all."

"No time orders from the top. You have to leee," Mr. Awesome was thrown to the ground as the building next to the school was obliterated, tearing of the roof of the school as well.

Teacher and Mr. Awesome look up to see the Shadow Rogue in the air laughing at them. "Go now none in the city are strong enough to face her we are abandoning it, unless reinforcements come this city will be gone forever, perhaps this world, we need you alive Teach, now go, I'll hold her off long enough for you to make it to the tunnels," Mr. Awesome shouted as Teacher understood and left without a word understanding the urgency.

Mr. Awesome left the building to stand and face the Shadow herself. But he had a plan that if he could at least run a block or two down the road the other way the kids and Teach had a better chance of making it to the tunnels. He flung a his weakest power not wanting to waste energy and moved like she was never there in the first place. She was instantly right in his face choking him and binding his body. He had never seen or felt power like this he knew all was lost now none can defeat such an evil. She threw him to the side and ravaged his body causing pain he had never known.

He drew in all of his will and reached into a part of his mind he had never used before. He broke free of the binding and threw his strongest attack at her but this time when she rushed to his position he was already running. She laughed again as he tried to jump a building. She smote him out of the air. She flew over to his crumpled body and said "You think saving those kids today makes any difference at all. This entire dimension shall be mine FOOL. I will not kill you but leave you here broken so you may watch as EVERYTHING you ever known or loved is utterly destroyed."

With the she flew off. Mr. Awesome coughing up his own blood, (He had never seen his blood before), sat and prayed a hero would come but doubted it. He was going to just have to lay there and see what might happen next.

Robbed of a meal so fresh and sweat. Protected by some light in the shape of man.

Same time, something was pulling her back. A source was stealing from her like she has stolen from many others.

Together they have saved the lives of these children. Of a legacy to still become a future.

For now.

They cannot hide the light for long. It burns out with the eternal night the mares bring.

And now someone has to pay for standing in her way.


Light - 00

Dark - 06

She smells an Army of this so called God of light.

Those who would stand in the Shadow's way to grow freely.

Having healed Mr. Awesome back to full health (via pm), Chad Rockwell confers with his patron Jace the Mindsculptor Beleren. "The Shadow Rogue is immensely strong as is Skelanimal but they share a common weakness," he is told. "Shut off the gates enabling their forces to enter this dimension's Super Hero City and they will be more vulnerable to attack. I shall distract them firsthand with my mental illusions so you can help stop their growing tide before it becomes too immense. Now go!"

That being said, Jace the Mindsculptor appears on the battle field with his fellow planeswalkers Garruk Wildspeaker, Chandra Nalaar, Elspeth Tirell, Ajani Vengeant, and yes even the feared Nicol Bolas himself in all his terrible glory and temporarily able to access a plane he has been banned from for longer then even civilization here has been recorded for. (See "Shadow of the Future") Together these six infamous planeswalkers will band together to stop a foe powerful enough to destroy all their beloved home planes of existence. In a sacred rite ancient even when Zerocurew was still alive and not yet undead, they reach back through time and summon their legendary predecessor Urza Planeswalker to lead them into battle as their honored and most worthy war general.

In the meantime, Chad has called upon his own mighty siblings and teachers and friends from the sanctity of Ice Ray Academy. Adding to their small group also appears the notorious Jacobugath the Demon who first destroyed the school and banished Chase Rockwell/Hansen-Ricks (Chad and Jenna's father) long ago before being defeated; James Starrunner the school's current Headmaster, his wife Headmistress Bobby Starrunner, the immortal Fingal, and the twins Anron and Leahcim Together they then summon the original four founders of FrostBite School; Zur, Articwind, Silvermoon and greatest of them all Flamewind. Those four in turn summon forth the School's original protecting archangel Malashel the Truthbringer from his Celestial Courts on high.

Jacob the Demon joined Zerocurew the Dracolich for the first time in many months. "As you requested sire I have brought with me The Staff of Power." "Excellent. With this we the undead shall be indestructible. Jacob remember that every time one of the enemy minions dies to resurrect them with your necromantic powers to our cause." Soon enough Lloth the Spiderqueen and Errtu her bodyguard also appeared on the scene with the Drow mercenary Jaden Drillowup. "As you requested my liege, all our enemies are gathering in the world as I speak. Their sacrifices will make you as strong as any planeswalker so you can go after Nicol Bolas and strip his powers from him finally." Lloth cackled evilly. "He can wait for I am after bigger fish now indeed. Both Skelanimal and Shadow Rogue's power shall be divided between us five." That being said, she opened the portal in the ground beneath and the drow hordes of Mezzoberan poured forth in an unholy rush straight for the Dark Angels, pitlords hellhounds and other lowly minions of Skelanimal. Thanks to Lloth's presence they fell beneath such a huge curse of bloodthirst that the Drow easily overran their foes and sent them screaming to their leaders.

As the armies of Underworld charged into battle, the planeswalkers under the leadership of Urza went on an even more perilous journey. They were seeking to find the One Dimension that Skelanimal was born within to fully destroy it for all eternity to thus weaken his powers severely. The last time such a group journeyed was millennium ago when Urza had led a similar group to destroy Phyrexia home of the Dark Lord Yawgmoth to save Dominaria from being invaded. Meanwhile those allied with Chad Rockwell formed a circle to protect the survivors of the Aegis Headquarters and The White Rogue. "While we stand until our dying breaths leave and our bones become as dust we shall never surrender you to them!" Malashel shouted above the cheering throng to The White Rogue.

The Mysterious Mr. Awesome wondered alone down the broken streets, past the remains of a partial city. It looked nothing like the place he knew just last night. The Shadow's minions still roamed the streets in search of blood. He had come across four groups of Riders of Strife slewing each one. He knew that if he ran into the Shadow herself again that he would be killed this time.

Why had Zerocurew come here, was it really to help us fight the Shadow Rogue, or was there some ulterior motive behind his plans? I don't like the planeswalkers being here but they may be our only chance. And where is Angel Rogue? He hoped she was alright, the last he saw the castle was being bombarded, SilverRune fleeing with her in his arms. Maybe they made it to someplace safe he prayed.

Without anywhere or anyone to go to, he turns against his judgment and he decided to find Chad Rockwell and see what they were planning. If only the Angel were here he would not have to think so much about what to do, he'd always trusted her more than himself. Easier for him to take orders than think under pressure.

He knew that before he could go and find Chad Rockwell, why did he save me, empathy, need, he may never know. He knew of the Libraries of Ages. He knew that they were deep in the castle. He knew he had to destroy somethings there. Books that would give Zerocurew ultimate power. What if that's what their really here for?

After an arduous journey across the wasteland of his home he arrive at the castle and proceeded to the library. He knew where to find what he was looking for. He look at the Tome of the Evils. In this book is secrets that would give the Zerocurew the ability to enhance himself infinitely. With one thought he obliterated it.

Wondering if it was the wrong decision right as he had done it. What if that was our only chance. No he couldn't think like that. That would have made a worse problem. He was confident in that.

As he walked back upstairs he heard shouting. He peered around the corner quietly and saw Chad Rockwell vowing his life to the Angel Rogue. But that couldn't be her, i saw SilverRune take here. And where is SilverRune if that is her he never left her side. Mr. Awesome decided not to make his presence known. He crouched into a shadow of a pillar and decided to watch them.........

Jayariel had spotted Mr. Awesome with his powerful Drow hearing and eyesight and took it upon himself to meet this unfamiliar hero. "My name is Jayariel Drillowup. What can you tell me about this city so filled with destruction and chaos? It reminds me of my birthplace centuries ago of Mezzoberranzen."

As Mr. Awesome sat in the darkness and watched the group of strangers in front of him, one of them glanced over as if he were looking right at him. He retreated further in the shadows, but the man walked straight towards him. Mr. Awesome stood still as the stranger approached. He stopped about five steps from the shadows.

Mr. Awesome sat still. "I know your there," the stranger stated flatly. He explained that his name was Jayariel and that none of his group would attack him.

Mr. Awesome was asked about the city and this place. "I see good in you," Mr. Awesome replied, " Jayariel. At first I did not know if you were one of the Shadow Rogue's servents. I only knew you were not from this world, and over the last two days I've become very skeptical of things not from my world. I would love to hear more about your world Mezzoberran, and tell you more about my world, But there is something i must do first."

Mr. Awesome walked up the the throne and looked at the woman sitting there. "The Angel herself was taken by SilverRune to safety and no one knows where. Yet here you sit, and without SilverRune. Who are you and where is the Angel? I demand an honest response."

"The Rogue you see here is not the Shadow Rogue," Jayariel said very hesitantly after making absolutely certain none of the Shadow's spies were within 100 meters. "Jenna Firemage is who you see but do to an immense mental illusion on her she appears to be the Angelic Rogue."

"Be at peace, Mr. Awesome." Jenna told him in a gentle tone of voice. "We all know you have not yet had time to heal from the emotional scars from when The Shadow Rogue last attacked you. Though we may appear to be a small band in truth we are the greatest warriors and allies of the one here called Chad Rockwell. I wish the Ghost Brigade would hurry and arrive soon with more reinforcements but for now we must protect the Pirates until Angelic Rogue returns with Silverfang. Until those with a more direct grasp of this situation then Chad Rockwell or you appear, we can not attack with our allies the Drow. I know you sense that Zerocurew cannot be trusted. What you must know is that before taking the form you saw him inside of, he was trapped within my own body for many years as part of a bloodcurse cast by the necromancer Jacob the Demon as part of a plot to destroy my family out generations ago. I can tell you more about that later but first we need to bring support to clear the way so the Pirates can get here safely."

Mr. Awesome looked at Jayariel and said "Sorry for my apprehensiveness. As I'm sure you understand my thoughts are a little scattered right now. Thank you for your kindness and patience. And to you Jenna, your bravery is most amazing when if the Shadow Rogue sees you she will think you are the Angelic Rogue, and we all know what the Shadow wants with her once again I commened your bravery."

Turning back to Jayariel he exclaimed, "But right now i just can't go with you. I trust that you and your band will be able to defend the harbor. I must find the Angelic Rogue. The Shadow Rogue has left the city in search of her, the servants she left behind should be easy enough for you to handle. I must find her, I cannot let her be found first. If my mission goes well i will meet you at the harbor. If I have not come back by the time the pirates get here assume I'm dead and head straight for the fortress. The Shadow has some major powers but there are still parts of Aegis that would even take her awhile to break into. Stay safe and may the Eternal guide you."

Mr. Awesome looked over to Chad Rockwell, "Thank you for saving me. When this is all done I'm buying, that is if any pub in this whole place survives. I hope I never have a chance to repay the debt. May you be healthy always. Remember to keep an eye out at all times, even the the Shadow Rogue has left the city many of her dark agents remain. If she returns before I do, I only hope you have some reinforcements by then. Stay sharp all."

And with that he left the fortress of Aegis in search of the Angel herself. As he crossed over a crumbled part of the city wall he looked back at his city, his home. Most of it was decimated already. That could be rebuilt. The portal in the sky blazed like fire spilling forth pure evil into his world. If they could not find a way to stop it nothing would ever be rebuilt. He looked one more time at the ruins of Aegis, wondering if it would be the last time he ever laid his eyes upon it.

Skelanimal leads a horde of Minions through the streets. Above whip around the Shadow Rogue and Dark Angels flowing with the dark storm. Purging the living who dare remain in the city. Then they are faced with the immortal army that protects SuperHero City.

G+A { God's Army }

This is not some alternate timeline version. These are the real deal. They are the prime. Skelanimal sneers with anticipation for the battle that comes next.

The armies of G+A storm in.

Marino, Legend, Legion, Warlord, Hunter, Stallion, Patriot, Jubilee, Crimson, Sephiroth and Seraphina.

For every Minion they did devour with their light, 10 fold more would stream from the portals of shadow and bring the might army to it's knees. One by one, they drop like butterflies having had their wings clipped.

Fried out and left without a prayer. The Army and Mercs are simply no match for the Darkness.

To prove this point, while others may live to fight another day, in these end of days.

Two will not.

The two angels in white are burnt over and incinerated by the poison touch of The Shadow Rogue.

All that remains are the ashes of Seraphin and Sephiroth. Raining down on the fallen army of so called gods.


Light - 17

Dark - 23

The shadow does not cry when these angels... DIE!!!!!!!!!!

The Army of God will not be around for the final battle.

SilverRune soars like an eagle through the city. He carries The White Rogue with him. She has not been herself since losing the last of her light to bring him back to life. They avoid shadows and minions while watching the city and heroes around them fall.

SilverRune sets them down on a building top. He has tried to snap The White Rogue out of her catatonic like state.

"They messed up big. I had it. It was over. I had the beast beat and then they had you bring me back before I could finish it. And now, now you are lost inside your own head again aren't you. Just like she would. Angelica Storm. The girl I knew as The Angelic Rogue."

He crouches down face to face with The White Rogue who rests seated against a wall holding her knees up and rocking back and forth. Babbling about how this world deserves the darkness it has festered for itself.

SilverRune pleads. "She failed to fight the darkness and it took her. It made her The Shadow Rogue. If you fall into the same despair as she, then the darkness will win. You are right, your light will die. We'll all die! "

She hears him. She doesn't care.

" Dammit! Snap out of it! "


Right across her face. SilverRune lets her have it. She turns her head back and almost feels her face. Then her eyes sink down and a fire brews from within.


She slaps back. SilverRune is struck by a Pyrokinesis blast and rocketed from one building top to another. The use of her powers immediately draws unwanted attention.


Flocking in on the white fire she brings to the battlefield. Swarming and smothering SilverRune before he can recover from The White Rogue's blast.

She sees the shadows look to her and slowly move to bring The White Rogue into the darkness. Screaming in fear she panics. SilverRune hears her cry and fears the worst. So he lets his true power shine.


Like thunder and lighting, everything around him is shocked in mid movement and dropped to the ground below. A true rain of shadows. Along with them, The White Rogue to is stuck by the attack and flung down into the depths of the city streets.



Light - 27

Dark - 23

After walking outside the the city for a night, the Mysterious Mr. Awesome decided to head back to see if there were any new developments. As he approached the city he heard the sound of battle just on the other side of the wall. As he neared he caught a glimpse of God's Army fight the Shadow Rogue. The battle was quick and decisive. Even though they thought their powers were enough it clearly showed that they were inferior to the Skelanimal that they now faced. The Skelanimal was busy fight the group when two of them challenged the Shadow Herself. She obliterated their bodies to nothingness. The rest fled like rats.

Even though he hated seeing the Shadow victorious, Mr. Awesome was pleased that the God's Army was debunked. He always disliked them and their pompous egos. He also suspected them of less than legal ways of obtaining power. If anything the Shadow might have done us a favor. Mr. Awesome remained quiet lest the Shadow see him and he was in no mood to see how that would work out a second time. He waited for her and Skelanimal to venture on to more killing. Nothing to be done about it now. He decided to head to the docks to see how Chad and Jayariel were doing on their mission. He sure hoped that the pirates would get there soon or they were all dead. He also hoped whatever they brought with them worked, because if it didn't, he didn't even want to think that way. There had to be something.

"There go some of the bravest protectors of this city," Chad Rockwell thought sadly as he watched from his scouting position near the Crossroads Portal. Time was running out for reinforcements to appear. Though the magical barriers still held up against the onslaught of the Army of Darkness led by Skelanimal and The Shadow Rogue, they would not hold out much longer. "It is time to bring in the reinforcements Lightboy and Magnaboy (formerly known as Magnaman but that is a different rp story). Together with us this will surely turn the tides in our favor until Urza and the other planeswalkers return while we await Ziggy and Faith No More and the other pirates and members of The Ghost Brigade."

With Malashel's immortal power joined with that of Fingal the portal to Ice Ray Academy opened again and out came Magnaboy and Lightboy. Though both were only teenagers, they were not to be underestimated. In his last evil villain form of Magnaman, Magnaboy nearly decimated all of our legion of Heroes singlehandedly. If not for the courage of Lightboy and the power of The Cross of Changes our world would long ago have been plunged into darkness for even Zerocurew himself could not defeat him and their powers of evil balanced each other out.

"Chase we came as soon as we heard what was happening." Lightboy said very fast while Magnaboy looked around silently taking in all the destruction and chaos. "But this looks even grimmer then we had feared. We might have to...reverse the changes as a last resort." "Do not say that outloud or even think about it Lightboy." Chad Rockwell hissed in a loud whisper. "Zerocurew would literally kill me if he ever found out not to mention what an evil of such epic proportions might do if "he" joined those we are now fighting against here. Use your great speed to go find the ones named Angelic Rogue and Silverfang and report to them. Magnaboy go with him. He will need your great super strength as back up." With a flash both were gone and on their way.

OOC: The following first two paragraphs were asked of me via pm from the owner and creator of the character Angelic Rogue. Will be the first time ever I have allowed any of my rp characters to be used by another player here in a rp forum in any form at all but what I created them as. Enjoy.

Jenna Firemage slowly stiffened as an unknown voice began talking to her through a further to unknown psychic connection. "Jenna, my name is Angelic Rogue and I have need to use you as an avatar for a little while until I can fully return to here. Chad Rockwell has told me much of your purity and innocence of heart and I can not trust anyone else with the great task I have for you to do. Listen carefully." As she sat there on the throne, Jenna was flooded with images from Angelic Rogue's past. She saw her many predecessors as they found endlessly in their struggle to protect Super Hero City from the ancient evil Skelanimal and his dread master Diabolos. She saw the many trials that had led to the deaths of so many of Angelic Rogue's friends and comrades as well as the countless betrayals that eventually had culminated in the birth and rapid growth of the Shadow Rogue. Finally she watched the latest death and resurrection of SilverRune and the discovery that Angelic Rogue still had the power to save all there on this Earth if only she had not lost the hope to personally do so herself.

"You must carry on my work for me by becoming the new "Angelic Rogue" Jenna. Without me being there, the others will gradually lose hope and morale will plummet big time. If that cannot be stopped then the forces of Shadow Rogue and Skelanimal will march across this city killing all the inhabitants and then they will go after your own Earth to stop any resistance with callous slaughter. For this is very clear to me now. Hope needs a champion in my absence. I have therefor called upon you to take on my mantle of power to be a shining light of hope unto the weary survivors." All of a sudden Jenna could feel new powers surging throughout her body. She screamed as she began to change form but would not allow her comrades to placate her suffering. Opening her eyes Jenna was transformed. No longer merely a warrior witch, she had become a literal avatar of Angelic Rogue in all aspects. Now with this sacred charge bestowed upon her, "Angelic Rogue" with Sephrenia and Corrine began healing the weary injured with pure light using long distance healing before the wizards gathered together with them to further safeguard AEGIS headquarters and the harbor more.

Mr. Awesome awoke to the sound of battle outside his place of rest. He peered out the window to see what looked like two teenagers fight the Shadow's minions. They were handling themselves better than he would have. He was getting frustrated by his seemingly lack of power compared to these newcomers to his world. "If only I trained harder, If only I was stronger," he berated himself.

The two outside could handle themselves just fine without him, so he decided to not join the fight and continue to the docks to meet up with Chad and Jayariel, if they were still there. He found his way into the sewer and proceeded towards the docks. His mind still shattered from the Shadow Rogue's attack every time he tried to focus he just got a headache. He knew that he could not give up or retreat. He had to do what he could or he would never forgive himself.

His world turned upside down in a matter of days had begun taking its toll on his sanity. He grumbled to himself about weakness and strength, about love and hate, light and dark. His body was tired his mind reeling in frustration, how many more people would he see die in this war, he was not used to it.

He rounded a corner still talking to himself when something smacked him hard into the wall. "That's what I get for not paying attention," he muttered to himself. He turned to see his attacker.

A Cephalopod stood there growling at him, all 3000 arms waving and thrashing about. Mr. Awesome knew that he was about to face one of the toughest battles he has ever been in, and he had to do it alone, and in a reeking sewer to boot.

"Bring it on ugly," Mr. Awesome shouted a he charged the monster.

Even though Mr. Awesome was victorious over the cephalopod, he did not come out on top. Literally. The monster died falling on him. He was covered in its blood and goo. He pushed it off of himself and looked around to gain his bearings. The fight with the cephalopod destroyed a good part of the remaining tunnels. Only one route lay open, and it was not toward the docks. He had no choice but to venture the only open path.

As he lumbered along his arm began to itch. He looked at it and there was a green spore growing off of him. He scratched at it and it fell to the ground gently. He continued walking the dark and smelly sewer. He was going to get out the first chance he saw. Maybe it wasnt such a good idea to take the sewers. He wished for leadership, always being a follower. He never had to rely on his own choices before, it was much simpler taking orders. But he new that to sav his city he had to evolve. And evolving he was as his arm itched again. Another spore growing. He brushed at it but this one did not fall off it seemed to grasp tighter. "Nothing i can do about it now," he thought to himself, "Now to find a way out of these blasted sewers."

The lone pirate ship that circles the city soars into the battle zone. Zooming between buildings and going unseen. For they are using their cloaking device.

Hovering above a building they open the cargo bay doors allowing a small visibility of their ship to be seen. A zip line pops out and soon the stealthy members of the Ghost Brigade zip down the line and drop off on top of a building.


Four of them.

Fuma, Faith, Ziggy and Incognito.

The bay doors close and the ships distortion is all that can be seen as it takes off once again to placed unknown.

Ziggy explains he has back up and will rejoin them soon. He flies off to gather some Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) for the final showdown. Fuma, Faith and Incognito remain. They are nearest the source of a new light that has warded them this way.

They bring with them the Soul Giver, Scimitar of Light. It is drawn to those who can wield the white light and it has found a new Rogue.

Faith - " Is it her? "

Fuma - " I can't tell. The sword seems to think so. "

Incognito - " It could mean she is dead and a new Angelic Rogue has risen. It's not the same light is it? "

Whatever the case may be, the trio now leap from building to building homing in on the source that has triggered the link between the light of the Scimitar and that of what they assume is the White Rogue.



Nemesis Rising

Remaining in the city at the HQ of Ghost Brigade. Waiting for what is coming for them.

KAKRASH !!!!!!

The Shadow Rogue

Ultimate Sin, Flamebird, Bubba, Voodoo, Torquema and Mordakai now stand against The Shadow.

Stood against The Shadow.

She sweeps through the league with ease and rests above the fried out and smoking bodies of those she has left only barely alive.

Looking for The White Rogue.

Finding only another group willingly acting as decoys.


Light - 28

Dark - 32

Exiting having left its mark. The sign of The Beast, Skelanimal.

"Uuunnnnnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhhhh," Mr. Awesome shouted in pain. His arm had began to hurt and then change. It was exruciating. His body torn from the pain of the last few days now the cephalopods goo that had got on his skin had begun to change him. He had a high fever and stumbled to the ground unable to walk.

He tried to gather his strength but mustered nothing instead. He wished he could just cut off his arm it hurt so bad. He knew that in the sewer he was alone and he needed to get back to the streets. The pain hit him again like a knife right in the cerebral cortex. He fell to his knees. He looked at his arm. It was changing, moving looking oddly like the monster he had fought and barely survived killing. He could see it now, his arm was changing into one of the monsters, the cephalopod survival instinct is to spread itself before it dies. He remember reading about that somewhere. He passed out in pain as his arm continued to change.

Superhero City

Flooded by shadows. So far the rest of the world has been spared thanks to The Planeswalkers who have prevented untold numbers of Dark Angel's from raining down upon our world.

Deep in the muck. The sewers of the city has The White Rogue remained since been separated from SilverRune. Shot down into the ground by his attack against their mutual enemies. Alone down here, but quiet and in peace. Her mind has been subjected to horrors of this world a pure being such as herself could not even imagine to be fiction, let alone reality.

Origin of The White Rogue

Just beyond is the Oak Door.

From the otherside of the Tooniverse in a pocket called The Crossroads. Pathways twisting to countless doorways. Behind each lay a Tooniverse much like our own.

Behind the Oak Door on these paths is the Tooniverse that holds the scale in the eternal battle of the light versus the darkness. Just as the Golden Door beyond which lies the heavy hand of darkness itself. They are needed to maintain balance in all alternate worlds. You must have darkness and you must have light.

In this world of light there is no real crime or threat to mankind by hand of mankind itself. It is what some might call perfect. Maybe to perfect. Even in death all believe you will become an angel and go on to much greater things then the already perfect life you had lived. There is no doubt that it only gets better. It just does.

In this world however they still have need of heroes and champions. Those who make sure that darkness never crosses that line to tip the scales so costly in their own favor.

Aegis of the Light.

In all alternate zones they are hailed as the holders of peace and right over wrong. In this world they are even mightier then all other doppelgangers of themselves. The League of Leagues.

Mystik, The Wanderer, Bombshell, Sable, Ruin, Drifting Star, Legacy24, The King and Lady Goshawke, just to name a few.

Today they have asked for the proud and true warrior Angel Sun to come before them and take her place as part of Aegis of the Light.

The Angel Sun
The Angel Sun

Angel Sun has given her life to protecting her world from darkness. She has the power to heal. She is angelic.

Anointed by The King, she is blessed with the power to protect her whole world if need be. To heal them all if she must. Should a day of such darkness come for her world. For this is also the day that the rest of Aegis of the Light would leave their realm and carry the light into each and every corner over the near infinite alternate tooniverses. Darkness was slipping by and it was countering the balance that had existed between them for an eternity.

Aegis controls the only device that can enter the pocket of another tooniverse and allow them to travel to the crossroads without having been brought there by the crossroads itself.

The Trifrost

A magick crafted and technological bridge made to reach this place beyond reach. It is this day that the most powerful warriors of Aegis of the Light exit their world and begin their 100 year journey to return the light to where darkness has clouded it out. They enter the Crossroads and each other Tooniverse to share their light.

Angel Sun is all that remains to protect her world.

And if you know the rest of the story, then you know she was the one ripped from her world by SilverRune and thrust into our world.

She is the White Rogue.

For you see, any girl can become the rogue and any woman can be angelic.

It has happened throughout all time.

Joan of Arc

Tomoe Gozen

Rosetta Wakeman

Mother Teresa

Rosa Parks

The list goes on and on and it has grown until this day.

They have all stepped outside of the box. They all went Rogue. They have all made this world better. They are all angelic.

Angelica Storm was the girl you might know who went Rogue in your SHC and became The Angelic Rogue due to circumstance.

Angelica Storm
Angelica Storm

(Another forthcoming fanfiction article)

She was ripped of that and used by the Darkness that has changed balance. The Shadow Rogue is now the perversion of this force of nature that drives many but only rises in few.

As her mind swarms with the darkness of our world, the shadows find her.

Looking down the sewage tunnel coming from around the corner. The shadow of the monster. It's squid like tentacle that swirls and dangles in the light from just around the corner. The White Rogue is in a state of panic over what unknown horror she must witness.

It's Mr. Awesome!

Having awakened since his transformation. Finding his Rogue.

" OMG! It's you! " He proclaims.

The White Rogue sees the face of a man but also the arm of a monster. Not sure if she should fight him or run.

Or Listen. And to not judge a book by its cover.

" I have heard your story. " He assumes she is the Rogue of his world.

She is not. But this is the firs time she hears the story of the person people think she is from somebody who hasn't just abducted her or forced her into dangerous situations.

" You just showed up one day. Entered the city like so many of us. But you hit a wrong turn and ended up fighting powers that you could never level up to. They beat you badly. Did cruel things to you and then left you for dead. But that wasn't the end. They went after your friends and your league. When you ran from them again, they just followed you. Hurt more people and drove you into the grip of Skelanimal. The Rogue Wave was all yours, but he was using you as well. He allowed you to grow your powers at a cost.

Your soul.

But you found yourself. It doesn't matter what happened next. (She died) It wasn't your fault. They brought you back. They wouldn't let you even die in peace... so you came back. "

As the tale is told the White Rogue and Mister Awesome feel the ease of hostile tension that was present when they first met in this dark damp underworld.

" You destroyed the Horsemen and their lair. " The mountain of rubble.

The White Rogue woke up next to it when she was first lured into this world. Dropped out of a white light portal on the very spot The Original Rogue died upon.

" And when you were done you turned on the heroes of the City as they tried to stop you from cleansing the city like you had the Hellmouth. But it was Skelanimal who stopped you then. Only because he still needed you for his own plans. He seperated the last bit of humanity from The Angelic Rogue and created his own Dark Rogue. Then The Beast left taking The Shadow with him. "

And then she, The White Rogue showed up.

" Now Skelanimal is back and taking apart not just the city, but the entire world. We are fighting him as best as we can, but we need you. This world needs The Angelic Rogue. "

The White Rogue looks up for the first time since his story... her story went dark.

" The world had to break you so you would go Rogue. You had to go Rogue so you could rise above it and be Angelic. " As with any Angelic Rogue.

All but one. The White Rogue was not born like the others of hate and loathing. She was not based on revenge and anti-hero justice. She was not forced to be created by the evils this world faces on a daily basis.

" Rogue... you must rise above it one more time. You are the only one who truly can. "

She's thinking. Not about how this world deserves to be destroyed. But about why it's worth saving. If a person can be broken like this world's Angelic Rogue and all others before her, then she must to. And she has been. Every bit of light has been taken from her. All she has left is her own will power to not crawl into the darkness and die.


The White Rogue is inspired.

By her own untold story.

The same thing that made all the other Rogue's rise.

She has to do it.

For she must. The Doomsday clock is counting down and the protection keeping the rest of this world safe is breaking away. Skelanimal and The Dark Rogue have laid waste to many great heroes and villains who would fight them to save the same world they all fight each other over for control.

The score doesn't lie.

The Light is dying.


Light - 28

Dark - 82

The time has come for a massive restoration of faith and morale to all the remaining survivors. Though their sacrifices might have appeared to be in vain, those now dead have done their part and even the Drow dead now number in the millions as a result of this bravery. As he was commanded, Jacob the Demon, necromancer, did indeed use The Staff of Power to resurrect all the Dark Angels that were slain to fight again under the command of Lloth the Spiderqueen, Errtu the Balor, Zerocurew the Dracolich, Jacob and Jaden Drillowup. With the staff making all the undead under and among them immortal and indestructible, they turned their sights now upon The Skelanimal himself knowing full well that his defeat would vastly weaken The Shadow Rogue allowing her defeat to be very much possible indeed.

Though they walked through shadows of chaos and destruction, marching their way to a distant foe, their courage and bravery never wavered. Indeed in the long amount of time it seemed they had fought all had undergone a previously unknown and unthinkable change of heart from being purely evil to wanting to help forever champion the cause of good. Decades ago these seeds had been planted by the heroes of Ice Ray Academy as they fought back their then enemies to defend their school and all they loved.

But now they have received the light of the Angelic Rogue as was directed by her unto Jenna Firemage and with it none shall impede their unified goal. One heart, soul, body and mind are they all and their determination until previously was unmatched by only AEGIS and God's Army themselves. The defenders of Jenna Firemage too have joined in with them as have Lightboy and Magnaboy. Together they form a spearhead of such power and holiness that when pierced through the undead hearts of their foes will bring them onto the side of Light itself.

As for the Planeswalkers, they have discovered many traps and ambushes in the Crossroads as hid behind by Skelanimal and The Shadow Rogue. Despite their efforts, many doors still remain to be sealed again. But light has begun to dawn as ancient forces of good reawaken from their long slumber to heed the call of the defenders of Superhero City. Elementals and avatars of the gods themselves are slowly but surely manifesting themselves to the heroes there. No cost is too great for even the lowliest deity can help make a huge difference. And so it is with great joy I finally introduce my very first heroes and former villains all the way from the Pokemon universe: Ash Eli Ketchum, George Ketchum (Ash's Dad) and greatest of them all Giovanni of Team Rocket himself with Mewtwo by his side. Together with their teams of lvl 100 pokemon, they bring the powers of the elements themselves to bear against the continuing onslaught of darkness against Superhero City.

Light: 49

Dark: 82

"Listen I know it seems very overwhelming right now," Mr. Awesome relayed to Angel Rogue," But get a hold of yourself, I mean come on you're the freaking Angel Rogue. I know a lot has changed in the last few days but up there in the city they need us. If you show weakness the people will turn to fear, show them the Angel Rogue that I know."

Angel Rogue rose to her feet and said, "I can't believe it, I AM THE ANGEL ROGUE, Thank you for taking the Shadow's curse from my mind. She must have put some kind of brain hex on me or something. The people do need a leader and it will be me."

"That's the Angel I know," Mr. Awesome smiled and exclaimed. "But still we need to get out of these bereft of fresh air sewers. There are others in the city waiting for us. We must find Chad Rockwell, Jayariel, and hopefully find SilverRune's newest incarnation. They said they were going to the docks but I imagine that they would have returned to the castle by now, but we need to find them for they are powerful allies with powerful allies of their own. If we don't work together we will all find out how evil the Shadow can be when she has the gate all the way open. Let's go."

They walked in the sewers until they found an available exit. The war on the streets had destroyed many of the exits. They came to ground level and got their bearings. They were still about one mile from the castle and started taking the least infested streets slowly battling their way to the castle. They rounded a corner and the street was barren. Not even one of the minions here.

"I don't like this," Mr. Awesome stated while a feeling of darkness surrounded him. They slowly advanced down the quiet street. Everything had gone quiet as if the war had stopped. And then it happened. Skelanimal appeared in from around the corner eyeing them with a thirst for blood. Mr.Awesome charged while telling Angel to get to the castle but she didn't move at all. He attacked Skelanimal only to be shrugged to the side like a tiny kitten. The sheer power of the blow smashed the body Mr. Awesome into a building twenty feet away. Skelanimal charged Angel. Once again losing consciousness his last thoughts were for Angel. The last thing he saw before fading was he could have sworn SilverRune was coming out of the air.

Things were looking very grim. With the True Angelic Rogue completely vanished no one was sure how to go about stopping Skelanimal and the Dark Rogue. Yes Jenna Firemage the avatar of Angelic Rogue was still around but her healing abilities seemed to have reached their limits. Mr. Awesome thankfully was still alive but for the past week he had been in a coma mumbling about how the incarnation of SilverRune had saved the Angelic Rogue from Skelanimal and how both had vanished in a blinding flare of holy light that the entire world had seen for a very long flashing second it seemed. Since then even the avatars of the planeswalkers could not discover where she was hiding at.

But there was some good news too at this most critical time. Since that night over a week ago, no more raids had come against the city and its defenders. While many rejoiced thinking falsely that everyone was saved, Chad Rockwell and the other defenders from Ice Ray Academy knew differently. They realized that Skelanimal and the Shadow Rogue had retreated to heal from the spiritual flare the holy light had caused to their physical essences.

Not knowing when another attack might happen, they have spent their time forming scouting parties to scavenge food and clean water for those still too wounded to be out of the makeshift hospitals. The child goddess Aphrael, Sephrenia Darklighter's personal deity, has also arrived spreading her calming aura of peace and charity among the survivors. Daily she walks the streets healing all she comes across with her special powers of light. But storm clouds soon will be gathering for the final battle. Old alliances must be shattered and new ones forged. Devils and demons even now are gathering to pick sides for the last clash between the defenders and those still loyal to Skelanimal and Shadow Rogue. Now is the final time to choose sides! Neutrality will no longer be an excuse to keep souls from being harvested in the coming harvest.

Soon there will be no more time left and only the prayers of the faithful can hope to reach the planeswalker team in time to have them reappear. If all else fails there might be one last ray of hope in the long lost Deryni civilization, a race of quasi humans fabled to have been superheroes thousands of years ago but driven underground by their human persecutors who so equaled their legendary powers with witchcraft and sorcery. If any of them survive they will feel the powers stirring inside from being able to heal nigh mortal wounds to knowing if one is telling the truth by looking in their eyes and other powerful gifts. St. Camber, Protector of Humanity himself might even return and if he does then our prayers for deliverance will finally be answered.

Light 70

Dark 82


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