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James Gunn won big at the Saturn Awards on Thursday, where he was naturally quizzed about Guardians Of The Galaxy 2. Reiterating that it will be a smaller, more emotional film, he also played coy when asked whether a certain new character will appear.

He has been insisting that Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 will be a lot more intimate for some time now. Having already revealed there will be fewer characters in play in the sequel than the first movie, Gunn once again emphasized the movie's more emotional elements while briefly talking to Collider at the 41st Annual Saturn Awards.

"Well I think I've said so much already... I think it's a more emotional movie. It's both a bigger movie and a smaller movie because we focus more intensely on some of the characters. We learn a lot about fathers in the second movie and I think we focus a lot on that"

"You'll have to wait and see the movie to see who's introduced" Gunn added with a cheeky smile, when asked if 'Magus' could possibly appear in the movie. Adam Warlock's evil alter-ego has recently been heavily rumored to play a big role in Avengers: Infinity War, so a prior appearance in Guardians 2 does seem possible. Gunn has previously insisted there will only be one major new character in the sequel, and many fans believe this to be Adam Warlock.

What do you think about these developments? Are you happy to see Gunn scale his movie down a little in favor of a more focused story, or would you rather see more fan-favorite cosmic characters appear in the sequel? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below !


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