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Your Favourite YouTubers in a Movie - Say WHAAT?

I don't know about you, but I am obsessed with Mamrie Hart, Hannah Hart, and Grace Helbig. Their YouTube channels are hilarious and have kept us all entertained for years, but can these internet sensations transition into acting?

In February 2014, the movie Camp Takota came out. I know it seems I am a little late in the game writing this article over 1 year later, but I only recently watched this movie. After asking around, it seemed none of my friends had seen this film so I thought it was about time I refreshed and re-promoted the crap outta it!


  • Can they act? Oh, yes they can. If you are a fan of Grace Helbig you will know that she took acting and theatre classes before starting YouTube, so she was already on her way to being an actress. However, even though I have not heard Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart speak about such pasts, I have been told that Mamrie studied theatre. They were all great in the movie!
  • But is the movie any good? Co-written by Mamrie Hart and an array of other comedy writers, you knew this was bound to be funny. However, I actually found the movie rather heart-warming with some really touching moments throughout. The story is about Elise (Grace Helbig) returning to her old summer camp - Camp Takota - after her life begins to unravel. The movie has had mixed reviews (and a 7.0/10 on IMDB) but if you are fans of the aforementioned YouTubers, you will love this movie as you love them. If, however, you are not familiar with Mamrie, Grace, or Hannah, then I can see why the plot and/or delivery may not be as appealing to you.
  • Would you want to see more? I really would like to see these YouTubers make another movie, however, I feel they could push the boundaries more than what they did in Camp Takota and amp up the comedy a little more as they do on their YouTube channels - but let's face it, I will watch anything they put out there as I think they are FRIKKIN' hilarious!
  • What bits should I look out for? You need to look out for the part where a hungover Elise is awoken by Eli after a night of drinking. You need to keep your eyes peeled for the sharp-witted jokes throughout. You also need to just adore that little 6 year-old called Penny - soooooooo cute!

In conclusion, Camp Takota is a heart-warming, funny, and silly movie aimed more at fans of the MamGraHan group than at people that have not discovered the hilarious threesome yet. Definitely worth a watch, but I'd suggest you do your homework on the threesome first - check out links to their channels below by clicking on their names;




What is YOUR favourite video from these wonderful ladies? Post it in the comments!


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