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I am almost certain that all of us have at least once in our lifetime dreamt about something. Whether it was about a hot boy, or our dream-job. No matter, all of us have had a desire or some sorts. Differing on the situation, many of us try to make up for what we feel we lack. And in several cases, many people read and dream about what they wish would be reality. We watch movies to give ourselves a sense of what we call, a fantasy. Most of us are caught thinking images of what we wish would happen. Such as maybe, a perfect life in which you live in an mansion, or becoming famous. Every individual sees a different picture, when you hear the word 'wish.'

One of the most common dreams is about a significant other. Many of us wish to find that perfect person; whether female or male- both genders share this will of love. Love can be the best and worst thing at the same time. The very reason one is still here, or the thing that makes one want to disappear. One thing most people wish to have perfect is the dreadful first date. Before this day happens, many people imagine it- running it over and over again in their mind. No one wants a horrible start to a relationship. So, when you hear the word first date; what do you imagine? What goes through your mind?
(I want to hear your story- whether fantasy or reality, so please leave a comment)

When I hear the word, 'date', what comes to my mind is, a story such as this:
Hand and hand, we walked slowly along the sun that was being swallowed up by the pretty orange and pink colors of the sky. The waves slowly crashed against the soft sand beneath my bare feet. A faint smell of the ocean salt could be smelt. My heart pounding, our hands sweating- there was silence between us. But frankly, the silence was not awkward and soon enough broken by his softly spoken words. He pointed up to the first star of this clear night sky, stating that it was known to be good luck. The stars one by one shined brightly. All were stars, but none sparkled the same. As I glanced back down from the stars to his face that was still staring at the sky, I saw nothing but a smile from cheek to cheek. His hand still in the air pointing at all the different constellations he could find. As he spoke, his words we're compassionate and honest. Never for a second did he frown, when suddenly he looked down at me. He carefully placed his hand on my neck, and slid the one holding my hand to the waist and gently kissed me on the forehead. Steadily working his way down to my lips. As we kissed, I could feel my head spinning in enjoyment, and my heart pounding in astonishment. My eyes ,that were closed, opened for a second as I felt him smile on my lips. Our eyes meeting-and at that very moment, the world felt as if it was on pause, as if we were the only two people living.


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