ByKatherine Klingseis, writer at

Tina Belcher — with her perfectly styled hair, hip glasses and marvelously matching blue outfit — could bring all the boys to the yard (or, to make Bob happy, to [Bob's Burgers](tag:749500)) just by her looks alone. Throw in her charm, and this girl is too much for mere mortals (Jimmy Jr.) to handle.

Tina knows how to play the flirting game. She's the MVP every game.

She is also a master of making small talk with her crush.

She isn't bashful when it comes to asking the tough questions.

She has more confidence than she has erotic friend fiction, which is saying a lot.

She has A LOT of love to give and she isn't afraid to show it.

Her dancing is a new art form that makes the world 100 times more beautiful.

She knows when the moment is right to make her move.

We can only dream of being as charming as Tina Belcher.


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