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Previously, on a Rogue Life.

Angelica Storm enters the world of crime fighting at age 17. In less then a year she casts aside her former shell and emerges as The Angelic Rogue. Unleashing her wave upon the Horsemen. Slain in a moment of repent for what she had become.

Reborn. Coming back from the dead to finish what she started. Found by Skelanimal and split in two. Removing Angelica Storm from the equation and leaving only The Shadow Rogue.

The Beast and The Shadow tainted the Crossroads. Invaded each alternate dimension, slaying that worlds Angelic Rogue. Absorbing their essence and building a shadow bomb capable of fracturing all worlds to their core and allowing Darkness to seep in and upset the eternal balance.

Evolution from Angelica Rogue to Shadow Rogue
Evolution from Angelica Rogue to Shadow Rogue

SilverRune sacrificing himself to intervene. Desperate he takes The White Rogue from her perfect world and flings her into ours. Her light lost with each step taken in a new world that she already sees as lost.


The Beast and The Shadow have returned and they are coming for her.

The Last Rogue.

Center of the City

War. Forces of light battle the forces of darkness. The contamination of the Crossroads now known as the Void has caused realities to merge. Bringing beings from other planes in to upset the balance of our world and flood it with shadow.

Edge of the Maelstrom. Near center to the city.

The White Scimitar has led them to this spot. Them being The Ghost Nation's leaders. Fuma Hanzo, Incogneto and Faith No More.

They are soon confronted and into combat mode with an opposing team.

Legion of Ice Ray Academy

Chad Rockwell, Zerocurew the Dracolich, Sephrenia Darklighter, Lightboy, Magnaboy and...

The Angelic Rogue.

Not White but dark skinned and wearing the green and gold costume she wore during The Rogue Wave. This is the incarnation of that Rogue through Jenna Firemage. Channeled. Not real. Rogue Firemage.

Fake Rogue

Taken back by this sudden appearance, even outnumbered The Ghost Nation leaders still stand ready for battle.

Dead Center

Skelanimal is in combat with The White Rogue. She does not have the sword. She does not have the power. She only has the will.

Hope that it is enough.

The White Rogue is still ready to give the best fight she can. Still fresh from a depression and from having her powers of light slowly drained of her by the dregs of society and then returning SilverRune to life. Now it is as if Skelanimal is only playing with her before engaging in combat. Waiting for his Dark Shadow to arrive and take it's last meal before it can complete termination of all existence on this world. The White Rogue summons as much power into her fists as she can. Skelanimal energizes his weapons and energy beams glow from his devil eyes.

Mr. Awesome comes around seeing in his blurred vision the stand off between Skelanimal and The White Rogue. His fears are true, they rushed this battle, she still isn't ready. Then he hears the sound he had hoped for. SilverRune soaring in to help finish this fight.

However, he is wrong.

It's The 5th Precinct of SuperHero City.

Hero cops in super-tech flying squad cars. Armed with the most advanced weaponry. Quickly their sights lock in on Skelanimal and The Rogue. Both are currently the MOST wanted.

Mr. Awesome looks up as the squads begin to unload massive laser fire down and dead center.

" Nooooooo! " He screams.

Hold up his Cephalolimb as if to beg them to stop and then to shield his eyes from the impacting blasts.


The squads pass over the detination zone. The smoke clouds clear and Mr. Awesome slowly pokes his head out from behind a car he used as cover.

Skelanimal still stands. No where near him does anything else still stand. The street is rubble, the walk way have crumbles and buildings have damaged structures. But Skelanimal still stands having taken the brunt of the massive bombardment.

The White Rogue is gone. Not nearly as powerful as she used to be. Knocked miles from the center. Clear of Skelanimal's rage but no doubt injured and unable to hold her own against The Beast or the Shadow. She was not match for Skelanimal alone. Next time the Shadow will be the one she fights.

Skelanimal turns his attention upward to the dark sky after eying out the trail of white left by the Rogue's untimely exit.


One by one Skelanimal blasts the small 5th Precinct crafts from the sky. Each crashing down around him in a blaze of fire. Echoes of explosions dying out in the howling fires of doom.

Light versus Light

Legion of Ice Ray Academy stand off against The Leaders of Ghost Nation.

Rockwell - " Hand over the blade. We have a Rogue and you do not. We can end this where your kind has failed. That and you are clearly out numbered and no match for The Beast or The Shadow! "

Faith - " Who says we don't have a Rogue? "

Incognito - " Who said we were outnumbered? "

Fuma Hanzo - " And who said we are ever out matched? "

Just then from behind the trio, decloak a league of Ghosts.

Silent Singer, Gabriela, Starscream, The Enigma, Rockhard, Captain Atom, Advocatus Diaboli, Malice, Inferno and Wraith.

The numbers are now even and in a city already going to hell, another war breaks out in the streets. This time it is the good faction versus the anti-hero faction. But the battle is over befoer it starts. The SoulGiver Scimitar is pulled towards the source of white light that guided them here. To the magically crafter Rogue Firemage.

It would appear these two sides would serve the war better working together rather then fighting each other. It take some convincing but soon the Scimitar crafted to stop The Shadow Rogue is handed over to The Fake Rogue. The closest being to the center of the city that is Angelic and able to wield the white light and thus the white sword.

Ghost Nation and Legion of FrostBite School break up there stand off and turn their attention to center of the city. To the massive explosions happening only a few city blocks away from them.

Mean Streets

Skelanimal walks over to the only vehicle still remaining. Grabbing it from the drivers side frame and tossing it aside. Revealing Mr. Awesome who was still hiding behind it.

" Please, don't kill me. "

Skelanimal smirks and then quick raises his sharp and blood stained scythe. Mr. Awesome again raises his Cephalolimb to protect himself.

If only it were that easy.


Off with the Cephalolimb. Severed from his body and flopping down on the ground next to him.

Mr. Awesome then uses his human arm to hold and cradle his severed limb. Skelanimal laughs as he only wastes time on this prey so small. He is still after The White Rogue who was ejected from this fight early.

" STOP! "

Skelanimal turns to see...

SilverRune. Standing ready to finish this eternal battle... one more time.

SilverRune vs Skelanimal (Final Fight)
SilverRune vs Skelanimal (Final Fight)

Dark versus Light

Skelanimal now stands across from his arch rival. The skies are dark with shadow and minions. He is soon flanked by the Dark Angel's known as The Pitlords, Minions and Harliquinnes of the Underworld.

SilverRune stands alone.

KABLAM !!!!!!!

Struck over and over by the Dark Angel attacks. Pushing him back, but never knocking him down. Not until Skelanimal has his openings and energy blasts SilverRune off his feet, through buildings and to the ground.

Swarmed by the Dark Angels over and over. Every time SilverRune cleans himself of the hordes he finds himself dealing with another league of minions. Always fodder for Skelanimal who shoots through them to hit his rival from the Crossroads.

KABLAST !!!!!!

This time it is not SilverRune who lights up the Dark Angels with energy attacks but that of the cavalry.

Ziggy Stardust has arrived.

Having arrived in the battlezone with the leaders of Ghost Nation she quickly parted company flying off to places unknown. Clearly Ziggy was going for back up. For some heavy guns if you will.

WMD: Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Obsidian Blaze, Blood Legion, Hoo Lee Chit, Ebony Tigress, Abaddon, Tatarus and Listerfiend. Along with Ziggy Stardust they clear the playing field for SilverRune. Dark Angels are forced back putting Skelanimal in the open.

KAKLAM !!!! KABAM !!!!! KABOOM !!!!!

SilverRune flies directly at Skelanimal unloading energy blasts upon his target. Then SilverRune slams into Skelanimal and rams him through several city blocks of buildings, buses, cars and other big things that have thankfully been abandoned since this war started.

Skelanimal Full Beast Mode appearance
Skelanimal Full Beast Mode appearance

WMD continue to cover for SilverRune who first removes Skelanimal's weapons. Breaking The Beast's blades and scrapping his gear. Skel reverts from his jackaloid form into his full beast mode. Ramming into SilverRune and taking him on a ride again through buildings, buses, cars and this time even the city's power plant.


As if it was not dark enough already.

The snarling beast froths over SilverRune who has it in a strangle hold. The beast and being grapple for control. Ripping at the throats and guts. Trying to bite, claw and stomp the other into defeat.

Any building standing has crumbled or been blasted apart along with the Dark Angel's that once swarmed this battle zone. Skelanimal is alone. The Shadow Rogue zooming in on the helpless White Rogue, her last true meal. But, The Shadow is diverted by the howls of her beast master as he is being obliterated.

It turns back to protect and save him.

Soon the blasts begins to shatter Skelanimal's defenses and break him apart. Scattered mirror images of his alternate selves exploding out of him. The ones he killed to gain his massive powers. Now freed by force from their eternal nightmare.

Now Skelanimal is the one who finds himself surrounded. WMD draw their guns on the Beast along with SilverRune.


The Banker has returned. He has answered the call.

Arriving just in time to stand with SilverRune and add in the energy attacks that divide Skelanimal and conquer the beast. Leaving it smoking and burnt. His cells regenerating as Silver, Bank and WMD surround this fiend who would destroy their world.

Skel - " You fools. I was saving you. Saving you from the lies the light makes you believe. From the false hope that makes you worship false idols. The darkness knows no bias. It is the only true balance in all of existense. "

" Spare us your preaching. You offer no salvation, only enslavement. " SilverRune stands back.

Skelanimal howls to the dark skies as his cells regrow by pulling his body back together after the massive assualt has been put on pause. He is expecting The Shadow Rogue to arrive and save him.

He will never see the light again.

KABLAST !!!!!!!

All forces unload on Skelanimal. The pause was a recharge. The final blow is always the most powerful. For Skelanimal this is the final blow.

Focused beams. It seems like minutes.

" The darkness will never die. It will not cease without me. It crawls deep within you all. In the place some of you dare not look. In ways you would deem others not worthy. Others not as good as you. I still win. My master will still rule all of existence and your rogue... the one you all made... will be the reason why.

She is still coming to finish you all off. Your light isn't powerful enough to stop it. "

Coughing up his inside, The Beast snarls his last words.

The beams have burnt him dry. Turned him inside out and back again. Ripping Skelanimal apart atom by atom. Cell by cell breaking down his complete structure. The insides are dead already. The outside is not even dust.

Death of Skelanimal
Death of Skelanimal


The smoke is the last thing to evaporate after The Beast has been completely disintegrated. SilverRune lets the smoke pass for only seconds before he checks the ground which Skelanimal last stood upon. Looking for a trace, even a speck that The Beast still exists.

There is nothing.

Skelanimal has been destroyed.

There is no coming back this time. No shadow to save him in that last moment.

The light finally wins this fight. But the war is not over yet.

There is one more to slay. A shadow to be removed and a world to be saved.

Shadow Rogue Unleashed.

SilverRune, The Banker, Ziggy Stardust and the WMD stand over the nothing remains of Skelanimal.

They would only have seconds to enjoy the silence.

SKREEEE !!!!!!

The Shadow has arrived. Late to save her master. The Beast is done. The Shadow feels it. You can tell in her scream. It does not warn more.

SLASH !!!! RIPPP !!!! TEAR !!!!!

One by one, the shadow cuts them down. Poisoning the souls of the saviors. WMD are down. The Banker is next and his fight only lasts seconds longer.

" Nooooooooo!!!!! " SilverRune screams.

Charging into The Shadow with all his energy and runes ablaze. The city has never been so bright and dark at the same time. Brilliant as it is, the light only sparks. It smothers under the cloak of the shadow. Each rip in the darkness only folds over to more black.

SilverRune is suffocated by The Shadow embrace. Silver skin and runes are melted by the rogue poison that now coats his entire body. The blob shadow moves slowly off its victim. Laying in it's wake not the being known as SilverRune, but now the mortal man who's shine is gone. Prismweave remains.

All those who only moments ago had removed Skelanimal from existence are now on the verge of having their own removed. The shadow poison courses through each of them. Paralyzed and helpless. It already looks like a graveyard.

The Shadow need only bury them.

" HOLD! " Faith No More stands in the lead.

Backed by a legion of Ghosts and an Academy of Mages.

The only thing that could make the Shadow more upset then seeing this after Skelanimal's demise is...

Seeing The Angelic Rogue she used to be. Now standing before her. And holding that.

The SoulGiver Scimitar.

The Shadow can howl all she wants. The Ghost Nation and Ice Ray Academy blast at it like the others had done to Skelanimal.

Together. Combined. But still not alone.

Area51, Turbulence, EVO, RPB, WISE, Universal Military, sAs, WARPATH, Heavenly Angels, Delta 7.

This is their world too.

The Shadow is blasted by the forces of light from all angles and all spectrums. Dark Rogue fights back. Stabbing with claws, poisoning with venom tips. The numbers are falling once again. The Rogue Firemage making her way to the center. To impale the Dark Rogue.

To End this!

KABLAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Shadow Rogue is torn and withered. But it still struggles to crawl back into full form.

This was not The Rogue Firemage. This was not the Scimitar of Light impaling the Shadow.

This was The King*


Having blasted the Shadow Rogue apart with a power more then all the others combined.

Saving lives. The poison needs a cure.

Aegis: Shield Alliance has the antidote.

Aegis: Shield Alliance
Aegis: Shield Alliance

Mystik, Drifting Star, SuperMonkey and The Wanderer use a small hint of The Shadow to create a cure for this quick killing plague. The infected feel the poison exiting their bodies. From the Ghost Nation, to WMD to the others infected throughout the city.

" There is still a real Rogue out there. This fake you have created for this battle will not work. The scimitar will only be lost and so will this world." The King issues such statement.

Aegis will only ask once. " Where is the real Angelic Rogue? "

Standing before them up front is the fake Angelic Rogue. She hold the White Scimitar but does not have The White Glow. She is not the one. Mr. Awesome the rookie steps forwards to tell of how he brought the REAL Rogue to battle and she was ejected out of his sight.

The heroes of light stand down. The Shadow Rogue struggling to rebuild it's massive shape. Jenna Firemage reverts to her true self and hands over the SoulGiver blade to The King*.

Then, they hear it.

" OMG! " With joy she returns.


The one who was taken from the world of light and put into ours. Angel Sun who was appointed the role of The Angelic Rogue by Aegis of the Light. These are not her friend and family from that world, they are Aegis of the Shield from Earth Prime.

Counterparts. But to her after all this darkness they are truly a sight for sore eyes.

Having found her way back to finish this fight as inspired by these other heroes and defenders, she is now glowing with a brilliance not seen since first The White Rogue arrived in our world.

Hugging her leaguemates. Bombshell, Sable, Legacy24, Sizzle, Fashion, Lady Goshawke, Makoto, Pilgrim, Duckbutter.

Almost forgetting there is a Shadow that still looms in the background.

Mystik, Wanderer, SuperMonkey, Drifting Star(Rogue Male).

The King*

Her light is returning. The scimitar is calling her name. The Shadow is begging for an end.


Stabbing into the belly.

Drawing red blood.

Burning out the light.

She struggles with the hilt, but it pushes deeper into her stomach.

Wandering what happened. Where did it all go wrong.

The King's expression never changes. Not even when he twists the blade as it rested for a moment inside The Rogue's belly.

The White Rogue Dies.

The light, the heroes, the pirates, the brigades, the legions and the masses have all been betrayed.

" NOOOOOOo!!! " Bombshell screams as all witness this horror.

The King slowly lets the limp lifeless body of The White Rogue fall from the full length of the Scimitar she was meant to hold, not die by.

" What have you done! " Many demand to know.

SilverRune, The Banker, Ghost Brigade, WMD, all those present for this final battle. Spared from the poison only to draw out the light of The White Rogue. To trick them, Lull into thier own demise. Flies easily swatted a second time.

The true power behind the Shadow and The Beast.

Dark Aegis has arrived indeed. The King holds the scimitar. The White Rogue lay on the ground before his feet. Blood pools as light dies. The leagues of the shield behind them and a Shadow Rogue ready to explode...

This time, it WILL be the end of SuperHero City.

It is over.



The Dark King*

" Kill the light "


As heroes and villains alike stare in wonder at the events that have taken place before them, a naked man with a katana walked around the debris of the city, plainly unaware of all that had gone on before him. Scratching his head, he looks at the other supes and says, "Damn Avengerbot! Has anyone seen my pants?"

Warning! Fuma Hanzo from Path to Power 1
Warning! Fuma Hanzo from Path to Power 1

"What's this? Betrayed by the one league we thought we could trust and count on?" Angrily Chad Rockwell and the other mages of Ice Ray Academy channel the anger of all the good survivors into Magnaboy. This results in him transforming back into his original form of Magnaman! The Cross of Changes effect has been reversed finally.

Magnaman is big and muscular with dark skin and snow white hair, has megastrength (enough to toss a car like it was a football) and is tough enough to withstand cannon fire without damage. When he IS damaged, he can heal 100 times more rapidly than normal humans from anything that dos not kill him outright. He cannot fly but can run as fast as a racing car and leap a mile or so at a time. He has high resistance (but not total immunity) to most poisons and diseases. He has no other powers.The source of his power is a secret . His main weakness is also a secret but it is related to his source of power. Magnaman will not kill except in self defense or unless he thinks the person really deserves it (say, Al Qaida terrorist level bad guy). He doesn't work for money though.He is more the demolition type than the assassin, in other words... say, if an enemy base needs remodeling / obliteration.

"You wanted to be so evil? Come take on a true supervillain!" Magnaman said, challenging The Dark King. "If not for the sacrifices of my former enemies I would still be pure evil but they helped me find the good locked deep inside myself. You too are still good. Fight the powers of shadow and return to the light you once embraced as a superhero."


The Crossroads is a pocket of pathways leading to near infinite doorways to alternate worlds.


Behind the golden door lies the realm of complete Darkness. While behind the oak door rests the realm of complete light.

Somewhere between them we got stuck in the middle.

Earth (Prime)

Behind the humble crafted doorway. Our world now.

Skelanimal hailed from that realm of Darkness. The White Rogue from the realm of Light.

Aegis, is from all three.

Having had access to these crossroads by way of the Trifrost dimensional gate. (Now corrupted and broken)

For eternity and then some there has always been a balance between the forces of light and dark. But since the dawn of mankind this balance has been swayed. Used by darkness and light to carry out the deeds and bidding of those unseen forces we are stuck between.

Seeing this, White Aegis from the pure dimension anointed Angel Sun their world's Angelic Rogue and thus lone protector. Aegis of the Light would then extend out from behind the Oak Door and bring balance back to the Tooniverses.

However, their true intent was to invade the Dark Dimension and destroy it. True this would create an imbalance with light being dominant throughout all time there after.

It was a noble gesture.

Also a foolish one.

Ruin, Sable, Mystik, Makoto, Goshawke, Drifting Star, Supermonkey, Duckbutter, The Wanderer, Legacy24, Brut, Rampage and Vacton.

Strong in power and will, White Aegis breached the crossroads and invaded the Dark Dimension.

At war with Diabolos.

The unlucky Thirteen against billions.

It was many cycles later Aegis would emerge from behind the Golden Door and once again walk onto the Crossroads.

But, this was not Aegis of the Light. No, this was a darker brood in tone and eyes. However in form, this was still the purest of that league in any reality.

They had been possessed. Tainted with the shadow forms of their dark counterparts.

Dark Aegis rises.

Just as White Aegis fell to the darkness on it's home turf, so would Dark Aegis in a battle with light on its own ground. They would then defer from that battle and enter to our world.

Earth Prime (Infiltration)

Taking to our world as the center point to all others.

Dark Aegis would slay their prime counter parts in Destroyers and Shield Alliance.

Taking their place. Stealing their spots.

Waiting for this moment.

The last Rogue is dead.

Setting the stage for the Shadow Rogue to ripen into full power.


Shattering the core of each Earth and breaking down the light from all dimensions at once.

Darkness will rule supreme.

2 days

It's over.


Light - 77

Dark - 666

" My only regret, Bombshell... is that you were not yet one of us when we left our world to come to yours. "


The Dark King* hits Bombshell with a sucker energy blast knocking her a clear city block across and away from the battle. She along with many in Aegis find they have been infiltrated by darkness. That their most loyal and lethal allies in the shield have been changed. Possessed to embrace the darkness and they have led it here to our front doorstep.

Dark Aegis and Dark Angels vs Everybody Else

The White Rogue is dead. The SoulGiver Scimitar is in the hands of Darkness and the Shadow Rogue has pulled herself back together. With the last rogue gone the shadow drills a shadow tether into the ground and drives for the core of the planet.

Dark Aegis stand as the leaders of the dark invasion. The Dark Angel leagues 10 fold in number due to the alternate worlds flooding ours with their darkest toons.

The dark counterparts are slipping into our space and possessing our world. Just as Dark Aegis possessed White Aegis, now the breach is allowing other dark doppelgangers to invade this war and take control of their prime selves.

WMD stand ready. The 5th Precinct circling the scene. {C.R.E.A.M} are now on the scene as well as a cast of other hero leagues. Even villain leagues and the anti-heroes. The non drama squads and the retired.

Above the great Pirate Ship of Zwiggles appears out of cloak and drops ninja and swashbucklers down into the battle zone.

The Dark King* stands center. Smug as he looks about over the masses of heroes he has just betrayed. A dead rogue at his feet and a bolt of what looks like black lightning zooming right at him.

KAKLAP !!!!!!

Black Adam strikes first like a rocket into the chest plate of The Dark King. Lighting bolts zoom from the sky striking each member of Dark Aegis.

Captain Atom takes it right to Mystik. A golden speedster against an overly buffed giant.

The power of the all giving atom against the might of mystical strength.

Corpsewake has been possessed.

Now controlled by his shadow self. He leaps from a building top and slaps onto the back of Black Adam. Dark Corpsewake steers Black Adam like a wild bull now tamed and drives him and his power right into Captain Atom.


Mystik snarks at the Atom and Adam who are now easy picking for his massive finishing attack on them thanks to the assist from Dark Corpsewake.


" No so fast Mystik! "

It's Cracky-Chan. Tossing some rather harmless smoke bombs at Mystik. But she is saving lives by distracting the big bad bad guy. Clearly out matched that does not stop Cracky-Chan from playing cat and mouse with the big bad Mystik.

So Dark Corpsewake will have to finish off Captain Atom and Black Adam.


Dark Corpsewake, taking a bullet to his shoulder. One that explodes 0.000001 seconds after impact.


Ripping open Dark Corpsewake.

" Take that you possessed undead looking freak! " Snipers Wrath's aim is as lethal as his wordsmithery.


Dark Sable is struck by the hammer of The Immortal.

Charging in following the lead of his weapon.


Driving into Dark Sable and taking the goliath on a wild ride. Smashing through buildings and slamming into parked cars. When the ride is over, Dark Sable is struck again by the hammer of The Immortal.


The Immortal stands back to catch his breath. His opponent defeated.

Or not.

" My turn. " Utters Dark Sable as the smoke clears.


Blasting The Immortal with energy bolts from his gear.


Laying into The Immortal with a flurry of fists.


Knocking The Immortal city blocks with swats.


And following up with a leaping stomp to the flattened Immortal.

Amadeus answers the call. Taking up arms against Dark Aegis to save his world.

Sliding down on a grappling hook with a Shuriken Flurry that stick into the hide of Dark Makoto, Big Monster Dude.


Then a spinning kick as Amadeus finally lands on the ground before his opponent.


Dark Makoto slams the ground Amadeus leaps away from.


Amadeus dodges around big monster swat.


Amadeus fails to avoid the full body ram that drives him into a brick wall. Dark Makoto then steps back and lets the limp Amadeus fall to the ground.


Death Knell stabs into Dark Makoto, slicing the big monsters shoulder. Dark Makoto strikes back with a round of punches that Death Knell sores around and avoids. He then rises high and unloads a mighty Storm Strike down on Dark Makoto.

The smoke clears. Big Monster still stands.

Death Knell then feels the sting of Deep Fried Death as Dark Makoto brings the winged warrior back down to Earth.

The Big Monster continues to rip through heroes of this world.

Cyborg is on the scene.

And he has Dark Duckbutter all over him. Melting his armor and cybernetics. Ripping apart his protection and ejecting the man from inside the husk. Quick work tinman.


The ground under Darkbutter erupts.

Power Bottom makes the save. Again he slams the ground and shock waves ripple through the concrete and knock Darkbutter of his feet. Power Bottom leaps in with a double stomp.


But he is caught in mid air by Darkbutter in a choke and then slammed to the ground. Darkbutter lights up his dark void eyes and hits Power Bottom with a knock out blast.


Bizzaro clobbers Darkbutter into tomorrow. Knocking him across the street and into the remains of a building. Bizzaro then leaps over the finish the job!


He is blasted out of the air from the side. A whisper whizzes by him and then back again.


Drifting Darkstar slams into Bizzaro again and knocks him into the river.


Drifting Darkstar is hit by a combined force that knocks him to his knees.

With electricity.
With electricity.
With fire
With fire
(For shame modesty warning XD)
(For shame modesty warning XD)

And with ice.

Eron, Inferno and Lady continue to strike at one of the most powerful beings alive. Darkstar fights back and starts to equal out his attackers.


Deflecting their attacks back at them and taking them down like a carnival shooting game.

" Zing dala thullu korma notchu! Rimi zula normus! "

A magic vortex begins to twirl around Drifting Darkstar.

Qalb' al-Khali conjures up a twister the engulfs the Dark Aegis heavy hitter. Whipping around in a cyclone that soon shoots him back out into a dizzy confused state.


Only to find himself drained of energy by the attack of Cobalt Ember.

Evolution has evolved. Firing energized bullets across the way and into Dark Vacton. The charged bullets explode against his armor and gear. Evolution then tries things the old fashion way.


With some c4 explosive. But the armored giant still stands.


Lion Heart in with his razor fists like lighting. Cutting up the armor around Dark Vacton.

Pinken Stein the Postmodern Pugilist
Pinken Stein the Postmodern Pugilist

Night Hawk and the Postmodern Pugilist blasts Dark Vacton with high powered beams that temper the shattered armor he wears.

Teamwork from Turbulence and then the assist from above. The sting of Quasar's quantum rays finally crumble the protective shell around Dark Vacton. His defenses are down.

Time for clean up.

Obsidian X has arrived.


Blasting her own teammates in Turbulence with her Shadow blast attack.

Dark Obsidian X has been possessed.

Taken by her shadow self. Now under the influence of Dark Aegis.

Quasar watches in shock as Obsidian X blasts at her league mates. Then she turns her attention towards him. Quickly had casts up a quantum shield.


Too late!

Dark Danmare blasts Quasar with Demon Fire.

101 Kinds of Wrongness.

The Dark Angel known as Wrongness has taken to the streets with an army of his alternate selves. From one mutated form to an exact copy but somehow different form of the same being.

An army of one.

Like bowling pins they fall down. A dozen in on shot from the shiny shield of Captain Avenger.


Taking them down with his smoking guns. The Awesome One is true to his name and his aim.

Sliced and diced by Ha Try N Die!!

Burned to ash by the fires of Celsius.

Torn asunder by Garet Jax and his razor sharp white wings.

Ripped apart by the barbed armor of Malice.

And fried by the power of Captain Marvel.

An army of dismembered alternate versions of Wrongness.

Now a pile of parts made from freakish heads and limbs.

A near infinite army of side show freaks.

Now just a dark carnival of decapitations and laceration.

The Funky Dark Monkey

It's Dark Supermonkey against Red Pepper and You Lose.

The girls take turns taking a stab at the Dark Aegis Ambassador.

The Gentlemen lets the ladies go first and then he drives in with a few slashes of his own.

Dark Supermonkey goes ape crazy and rumbles with the group before smacking them all through the air and crashing flat on their backs.


(Modesty warning again! XD)
(Modesty warning again! XD)

Sssoul Sista taking a chunk out of Dark Supermonkey.


Taking an ass kicking from Pietro Lungo-Uomo.


And then cast back into the Crossroads by Zatanna.

Dark Ruin and Dark Wanderer are ripping up main street and destroying heroes who would try and stop the Shadow Rogue from breaching the Earth's core.

A group of hero toons tackle the big bad duo of Dark Aegis. A storm of would be saviors.

Snake Eyes with his blades.

Debbie Strange with her trident.

Alley Cat going rogue.

And Fear will be Avenged

The quartet battle the two. Then they are joined by four more allies.

But this alliance is not what it seems.

Dark Soul Assassin has been possessed.

Dark Nightwraith has been possessed.

Dark Jericho Cross has been possessed.

Dark Raiven has been possessed.

And WickedJester who was already possessed by the darkness.

Making him now twice as deadly with the storm turning black once again.

Soon the outnumbered become the superior division once again. The Dark Alliance soon push back and then crush the brave but defeated quartet of would be heroes.

Death in the Family

The city will not see another dawn. Dark Aegis has proven to be too powerful to be stopped.

The Shadow Rogue is funneling the energy she has stolen into a tether that is drilling to the Earth's core.

The Dark King* blasts away at peons and free toons. He stands before the Shadow Rogue still with the SoulGiver Scimitar in hand and a Dead White Rogue at his feet.


The light has not yet fully left The Last Rogue.

She holds on. The Dark Rogue has not yet tasted the death of the final victim.


Doc Zwiggles pilots in his Pirate Ship and starts to unload his entire armory of missiles on The Dark Rogue.


The center of the city is lit up once again. The Shadow Rogue struggles but almost shrugs off the attack from the Pirate Ship. As does The Dark King*. However the White Scimitar has been removed from his grip and The White Rogue flung from his and the Shadows range.

Dark Legacy rockets into the air and takes aim on the massive Pirate Ship.


Hitting it's engines and command deck. The massive ship slowly sinks from the air and to the ground. Crushing buildings and flattening cars as it crashes down to the Earth below.

The Dark King roars in victory as the ship comes down. His Dark Angels swarming the skies and his Pitlords running the streets. The Shadows are possessing the heroes and the light is dying all around the city. The Dark Rogue waiting to be the last so she can explode this world.

" The White Rogue still has light. She must succumb to the darkness for the Shadow Rogue to be complete. Find her body. Find and bring her to me! " The Dark King orders his Minions.

He then finds for himself the White Scimitar. And that it is now protected in hopes it can still be used to stop The Shadow before it is too late.

Incognito holds the line. Daring the Dark King to test her metal.


He does. Blasting her in the stomach with raw energy.


Then to the head.


And finally forcing her to the ground.

The Dark King picks up the SoulGiver blade and stands posed to impale the helpless hero.

" NOOOOOOOOOo!!!!! " Screams the betrayed.

Like a rocket. Like a bullet. Like a Bombshell.


Bashing through her darkened league mates in Dark Sizzle and Dark Goshawke. Making a bee line for The Dark King himself.


Drilling into him at full speed. Rocketing him away from harming any other and slamming into a wall. He loses the Scimitar once again.

Bombshell whips him out of the crumbled remains of the court house and slingshots him across the city. In that journey through the air she flies in along with him and starts to deliver a series of bombastic super punches.

Both crashing back down in the center of downtown. Bombshell finally stops punching once The Dark King is clearly defeated.

She has always been Angelic.

And she is most certainly going Rogue right now.

The Rogue Line continues.


Moments ago. The body of The White Angelic Rogue was ejected from the battle zone after having been impaled by The Dark King. As her near lifeless body lay dormant for minutes she was always waiting.

Bombshell who was also knocked from the war zone. Making her return and by luck or by fate to find The Rogue along the way back.

No one but me can save myself

But it's too late

Now I can't think

Think why I should even try

It was in that moment a miracle happened. She awoke.

" I ... I was holding on. Waiting for you. I lied... I lied about this world. I do think it is worth saving. I was holding onto... onto this for you. It's the last spark I was clinging to. It was my hope and now... I pass it onto you. " Her dying worlds.

Reaching out. Making contact with Bombshell. Just a simple touch of The Rogue's bloody and shaking finger to the paused and open wrist of...

The New Angelic Rogue.


Rogue versus Rogue

Dark Aegis versus Light Aegis

Bombshell rockets into the belly of the Shadow Rogue. Taking the massive monster into the air. Ripping it's dark roots from the ground. Taking it up and away.

Turning. Tossing it back down to the ground. Following down this time with white beams streaming from her eyes and blasting into the tusks of The Dark Rogue.


Hitting the Earth below. Breaking through the street and into the sewers. The Shadow scurries to get away by slinking into turns and toilet bowls, but she is snared by the tail and ripped back to the surface.

Tossed up and slamming back to the street. Bombshell leaps out and slams down on the Shadow, unloads a Flurry of punches into the mass of The Dark Rogue.

Ripping it apart. Hitting a dozen times per second. A hundred times per moment.

Causing the shadow to cast off spirits of her former selves. Taking it all away from the core. The energy vortex between the two is ripping them both apart, but Bombshell doesn't even notice. Doesn't stop for a second.

She can't.

Doing what only she can.

" It's killing her. It's killing Bombshell. She has to stop or she will die! "

Expresses the frantic Debbie Strange.

But this cannot stop. She will not stop. The Dark Rogue will destroy this world if it is not ended now.

" She's right. The Shadow can only be purged with The White Scimitar blessed by an Angelic Rogue. " Informs a struggling Chad Rockwell.

Bombshell cannot waver for even a moment.

" We have to get the weapon to Bombshell. It's her only HOPE! " Yells Mordakai.

Bombshell peers. Only for a moment. The corner of her eye.

Looking for this item that can do what she cannot alone.

A moment that proves costly.

Bombshell attention back to her target. The Dark Rogue who sucks in the shadows casts aside from the assault.

Mixes them up inside her belly and screams in anger at The Bombshell Rogue.


Blasting into the gut of Bombshell at point blank range.

Ripping her apart with shadow and rage.

The Dark Rogue victorious.

Dark Aegis complete.

Bombshell is dead.

And so is Superhero City.

Who is The Real Angelic Rogue?

The light has been snuffed out once too often in these battles. Friends are foes and friends are dying.

Dark Aegis has allowed the Shadows entry to our world and now the Dark Rogue plump with raw energy is waiting for the light to die so the darkness may rise.

Bombshell has faded and as such so does the white light she carried as The New Angelic Rogue, if even only for a moment, it was passed to her in hope it would find it's true owner.

" There is still another. " Dark Aegis sense it.

Shadow Rogue howling as it begs for this to end. How many Rogue's must she kill before she can consume this entire world.

The Dark King looks out to the masses of heroes and villains. His Dark League takes side along with him as they are not suspect. They are possessed by shadow and cannot be Angelic.

" But somebody here still is. The White light of the Rogue has been passed. "

With a mob of bruised and battered toons before them, Dark Aegis still seek the Rogue they must slay and the next and the next until there simply are no more hosts for such a force of nature.

One steps forward. One speaks for the many.


The Dark and the light turn head. Peer into the face of The Rogue.

She is Incognito. Formerly known as Virus of the Horsemen.

The Dark King smirks. This is a ruse. This woman is not The Angelic Rogue.


Now a second voice claims the role. This time it is Gabriela.

The Dark Wanderer shakes his head. By No means does he believe she to be Angelic.


Now Momma Gorilla herself steps up to the role. She could be Angelic and she can also be a Rogue.

This one is more believable. But still Dark Mystic has his doubts.


Not only is she a Doctor, but Spencer Reid is also a Rogue it would seem.


Modesty warning XD
Modesty warning XD

^A.A^ Heavenly Devil ^A.A^ is both and then also the opposite.

Don't even ask XD
Don't even ask XD

Tis indeed Heroic Heidi The Bionic Boob.

Now even Your Zombie Ex-Girlfriend is trying to suggest she might actually be The Angelic Rogue.


This is getting old. The Dark Rogue is not amused. Nor are Dark Ruin and Dark Sable.


And another and another. They all step forward. The voice of one becomes the voice of many.

And then Drifting Darkstar just gets insulted.


Prismweave. Once more SilverRune. He dares suggest he has crossover over yet again.

Still, even MORE voice in.

Even /^A^\ Blackfire and others who are still a part of Aegis and still a part of the light.

Men and Women. Heroes and Villains. Pirates and Raiders. Players and Creators.


The Dark King roars in anger. " ENOUGH! "

" These games delay your fate but not the outcome. Come forth. The Dark Rogue hungers. "

A calm silence sits over the dark and the light. Those who have come forwards stand in a line of two rows. Almost like a hall of heroes. Like arches that are all joined and hold patient to hail the princess.

The smallest voice becomes the loudest.

" I am the one you are looking for. "

The far end to the score of heroes. Leading the pathway to The Dark Rogue.

To the 19 year old girl who slowly walks into view.

" My name is Angelica Ixora Storm. "

A hallway of heroes leading her to fate.

She has made this journey before. Last time she crawled just before admitting defeat.

This time she stands.

She walks and she moves towards the darkness... not away from it.


The brave youngling moves closer to the darkness once again.

" I was the one who first went Rogue in Superhero City. "

Step by step. To the edge of her fate, she continues.

" I became Angelic in the eyes of others. "

Her eyes stay focused on The Dark King.

" But I hid the shadow inside of me. Let it grow. "

Her motions staggered. She is still holding back something.

" I became The Shadow Rogue. "

Now standing just yards away from The Dark King and Dark Aegis. A bloated Shadow behind them waiting for the young tender final feast.

" But first and foremost... "

Bringing her right arm around and into full view.


Revealing she holds the White Scimitar. The blade glows like never before.

It is pure. It is charged by the light.


With the strength of many, Angelica Storm flings the SoulGiver Sword from her hands and directly at The Shadow Rogue.

" NOOOOOOOo!!!! " The Dark King cries out.

Extending his hand. Trying to stop the white light from reaching it's target.

Losing four digits. His fingers severed in his failed attempt to grab hope from those who hold onto it.


The Pirate's.

When this started it was they who had the knowledge of how this would end. It was given to them by SilverRune before the journey into the afterlife. Stealing the White Scimitar from The Dark Angels. Then pirating away the young girl who stands here now.

Hostage. Held in a dull brown gunny sack. Tied in tight. Mouth taped and hands restraint by SHC Police cuffs. Her pyrotechnics quashed. She was fully aware of her destiny. She resisted just like they knew she would.

Just like she always does.

The Pirate ship blasted from the skies. Crashing down. Ripped asunder. In the landing the gunny sack and rogue passenger were sent hurling from the wreckage. Tumbling to a stop. The cuffs now damage. Free to use her powers. Burning away the sack, tape and binds that held her.

Finding herself in hell. A city in ruin. A war exploding all around her.

And a White Scimitar sticking into the street just feet away from her. It had been ejected from the hand of The Dark King and landed not far away.

By luck. By fate. It has always pulled to her.

Try as she might, the young Rogue could not sway or remove the blade from its hold in the ground. With a city falling apart around her the power was still not within her to be the savior this world needs.

It had not yet found her, or she had not yet found it.


The city dies a little more. Bombshell is slain in combat when no other did what she could to The Dark Rogue. For she had been passed the White Light gifted from The White Rogue who died to bring it here. Both carrying with them a spark of hope.

To a world in need of a reluctant leader. A giving pariah. A victor, a victim, a model and a messiah

They needed their Rogue back.

Bombshell crashes to the world after taking a lethal wound from The Dark Rogue. Looking up with her last bit of will, she gleams the face of a young angel. The girl the white light has been looking for.

' She needs this more then I do. '

Bombshell reaches up with hope. Angelica Storm reaches out to help.

Contact has been made.

Your Rogue is back.

Her aim is true. She was trained by the best after all.

By Ninja Assassin, by Skelanimal, The Pirates and by The King*.

The white blade rips through the air. Passing Dark Aegis and darting into the belly of the Shadow.


Perfect shot.

The SoulGiver stabbing at the heart of the world killer.

Charged by the White Light carried by The One True Rogue.


The Dark Rogue bloats out as the blade sinks in. The tip touches the heart and the darkness is forces down by light. From the inside out. It eats away at the Shadow like she has so many others.

The breach shoots beams of white light from the Shadow Rogue. The sky cracks open again, breaking the dark clouds and shining the light on the city after many days of darkness. The toons of the battle are all pushed back by the winds of change.

The Dark Angels that once soared through the skies now fight the pull of the vortex being created. Like the shadow doorways that allowed them access to this world, they now act only as exits and are forged of a white energy. The near infinite armies of dark minions from alternate worlds are purged of our world.

The invasion wave is washed back to sea. The Storm breaks and the war dries up.

Dark Aegis struggle to stay. The light vortex pulls at the shadows inside that possess their bodies. The pure forms infested by their dark counter parts so long ago. Ripping them from the host. Drawing them back into the darkness from that which they came.

Freeing them. All of whom were possessed. From Aegis to Turbulence to you. Just as Skelanimal once spit the soul from the Rogue. This is the opposite conclusion. The shadows will not remain.

Only those with souls can resist the pull of the white vortex.

The Dark Rogue crackles and pops acting as the main conductor to the forced exit of Darkness from our world at war. Shadows of Aegis leaving their hosts and shooting into the Rogue Vortex at the center of the city.

The sky is blue. The streets are clean of dust clouds and screaming civilians. Winds swish in the ear drums knowing a calm is soon to follow. The Shadow Rogue is eaten up by the SoulGiver after having absorbed back all the dark beings her presence had allowed into our city.

The sound of metal scratching metal echoes the streets one final time as the white vortex sucks in the last of the swirling dark matter that is the Shadow.

The white light shrinks down around the last of the dark. It covers it and then folds in on itself.

Collapsing out of our reality.

Locking them away.

Balance restored.

The city can be rebuilt. Wounds heals. The memories of those lost to save this world will be immortalized as legend.

All true heroes.

The many and the few. From street level to godlike, they all stand together having battled the darkness and won.

Aegis is back.

For long they have been slave to the shadows that possessed them.

But still they have much to answer for. And so they shall as they help rebuild a city they nearly destroyed. Mourn those they have lost and blame themselves to those who feel betrayed.

The King* stands. Back to his noble roots.

He looks around and finds his target.

The Rogue.

His aim is also true. He did help train her after all.



Odd silence. Eyes fixed on the young girl who stands center.

She acts appropriately for her age.

Leaping into a victory cheer!


Thanks everybody for reading!



Angelic Rogue




The King

Angel Sun

Big Papa Smurf


And the rest of SHC


A full day has not yet passed since the Rogue War came to an end.

But the light it left in its wake has still found ways to heal this world that was almost lost to the darkness.


Miles away from the center of where the storm settled. City limits. Next to a pile of rubble and above a slab of stone that has been stained in blood.

A white portal door opens.

Two dimensional. It has no back, only a front and it only goes one way.


The portal has delivered its package and as it appeared in flash, so does it disappear in a blink.

Having left something for us. Giving back a little of what it took to help save this world.

Angelica Storm

The city rebuilds and the people will heal. Getting back to regular life, or as regular as it gets when you live in a city full of super heroes. Angelica leans back in her chair while typing away and gabbing online in facebook chats. Doing what a regular girl does after she has just saved the Tooniverse.

Through all her stories and the cast of characters there has been one toon to never be involved in one of her stories.


A whirl wind spins in her room for only a moment. It fades as does the strange sound that gets her to turn her head and take a look behind her.

Standing in her room is a large blue old England telephone booth. Before she can wonder about that fact alone, the door of the booth opens.

A silly man walks half way out the door to this box and extends his hand. Reaching out to the Rogue.

" Angelica Storm...

no time to explain...

but you have to come with me...


She thinks to herself that she has two choices right now.

A. Give the silly man the finger and go back to her online chatting...

or what she does and what she always will do.

B. Stand up, take his hand and enter the phone booth heading for destination unknown.

Here we go again.

Despite all those going rogue, the angels radiating, and those who are a combination of the two, the day continues on the streets of SHC, as usual.

As the remaining fighters, both rogues, angels, and combination fighters, look in the total aftermath of the war, as the dust finally settles......

No one knew exactly how many remained, who would be able to carry on with the fight, and who was on which side.

The rest begins to regroup, bury their dead, and tend to those who were wounded.

The End


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