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Chris Pine And Zachary Quinto Sign On The Dotted Line For Star Trek 4!

Star Trek 3 has just started production this last week and now news has come out that lead stars, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, have signed on for an inevitable Star Trek 4.

Pine, who plays Captain Kirk, and Quinto, who plays Spock, originally had a contract that locked them in for three movies and with the second sequel now in production, Paramount Pictures and Skydance Entertainment have now locked the two in for at least one more movie.

No word on the status of other stars Zoe Saldana, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Anton Yelchin and John Cho.

The cast of Star Trek: Into Darkness
The cast of Star Trek: Into Darkness

Still somewhat unknown in 2009, Pine scored himself $600,000 for the first Star Trek movie, $1.5 million for Into Darkness and was set to earn $3 million for the third film before Star Trek 3 got an extra $10-$15 million towards it's budget including a pay rise to Pine himself - now set to earn $6 million.

Star Trek made $385.7 million while the 2013 sequel, Star Trek: Into Darkness, made $467 million.

While writing the script in the later half of 2014 and originally slated to direct the newest addition to the Star Trek franchise, Roberto Orci left the project after the higher-ups decided to scrap his script.

Now in January, Simon Pegg and Doug Jung (writer/producer of Dark Blue) were hired to write a whole new script with Fast & Furious franchise director Justin Lin hired to direct.

Star Trek 3 will hit cinemas in 2016. Pine can next be seen in Netflix's Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp and is rumoured to star in the live action Wonder Woman.

Quinto will next be seen in [Hitman: Agent 47](tag:593267) and Snowden, released later in the year.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

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