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I write. I watch movies. I love life.

Hello readers,

Well I am new here. I would like to share with you all of my beautiful experiences with the greatest movies ever.

Superheroes aren't my type, nor the comedies, not the parodies or shit box office hits. I go for the art, the soul and the nature. I believe in thought and expression. My love for movies is infinite. We love to watch which have hit actors but I tend to like to watch movies which doesn't have hit actors but artistic and great actors. Dialogues go to waste when expression takes shape in it.

Lets go back in time. Have we forgotten the golden movies of the 70s and 80s?

My all time favorite movie is Dead Poets Society by Tom Schulman which starred Robin Williams, Ethan Hawke and others. This movie created a new sight and direction for me. Life changing one, I tell you.

P.S. There will be a lot from me. And keep watching movies.


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