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These are 5 reasons why Red Hood should have his own game

Arkham tie-in

Let's start with the most obvious one- it would be an Arkham tie-in. After saving Batman from Scarecrow at the end of [Batman: Arkham Knight](tag:2683936), he could take up his role of Red Hood. After the opening scene, they could flashforward 1 year, with Todd becoming re-aquainted with Wayne. After revealing himself as Arkham Knight, he could have his own base. He would be Batman but more lethal.


The story would be great as well. The Red Hood has many intriguing possibilities. Obviously not Joker as he is dead, but Black Mask maybe as he appeared in the Red Hood DLC for Arkham Knight.


Rocksteady equipped gadgets fantastically during the Batman games, however,the dlc stories didn't have many. As Red Hood, there would be his knife, his dual handguns and the zip kick. Maybe a bullet shield too. These with many others, could make a fantastic experience.


With Batman retiring, Jason could go to Bruce for help when dealing with huge threats. As well as making peace with Batman, he could receive the full arsenal of Batman's gadgets.Batman could be the Oracle figure of Red Hood.

Arkham Knight like figure

With Jason having been the Arkham Knight, maybe one person would have a grudge against Jason from childhood, or Batman's foes see Todd as the perfect candidate to bring Batman back. Or even kill Todd as Joker nearly did. They could acquire a hater of Todd and instruct him to kill Todd after torturing him.


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