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Not much of a comic book reader in fact i've never read a comic book because they do not sell it in my country but i love reading your blogs
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Without a shadow of a doubt, How I Met Your Mother is the greatest comedy show of all time, there is absolutely no better show. I could litteraly watch it for years. Now since i live in lebanon (God Help Me) there is no comic books or good TV so in order for me to watch my favourite show i had to buy all the series of How I Met Your Mother and so far i finished season 7 and quite frankly i was disappointed about what i've seen.

From season 1 till season 6 Barney had always believed that his true father is Bob Barker as he was told by his mother so he once got on the price is right which is hosted by Bob Barker in order to finally meet his dad face to face and reveal to him that he's his father but when Barney had the chance to tell Bob Barker, he didn't. Now Barney said that he didn't reveal everything to Bob Barker because he didn't think that Bob Barker could take it but the truth is that Barney was the one that couldn't handle the rejection of the father that walked out on him when he was a kid.

In season 7, Barney realised that his father wasn't Bob Barker and that everything his mom told him was a lie but she tried to make things right by giving him the adress of his father which he refused because his mom has raised him and played the role of both his mother and father. However, the death of Marshall's dad made Barney sentimental and decided to find out who is his dad so he writes him in hope that he will respond which he did. But Barney's dad aka Jerry wasn't as Barney expected, the truth is that he is a boring dad. Then Barney had a flashback to his childhood where back then Jerry was crazy Jerry and Barney was talking to him and calling him dad which truly doesn't agree with the previous idea of Barney that Bob Barker was his dad.

Epic How I Met Your Mother fail, for as long as i have met your mother Barney never met his dad so why did he have that flashback about him talking to his dad?

Why would they do that i mean Marvel sometimes changes the facts but at least they make it understandable not like How I Met Your Mother they really screwed up.

what do you think about this? Please let me know


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