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If somehow Batman v. Superman turned out to be bad I would still watch it again and again.

While I believe Man of Steel had good ideas it's story telling wasn't all that great but I still loved it

(Clark just so happens to be at that diner with soldiers discussing what they found. Why could his key just lead him there

Lois being brought on board Zod's ship just to advance the plot. Not all phantom zone criminals were evil in the comics of Snyder truly needed an out

Clark so good at creating identities he can work for the military

The diner scene where Clark doesn't escort the jerk trucker out he's a giant tower of muscle it would not of been weird had he thrown the guy out

Destroying his truck is also not very Superman like and before you say he isn't Superman yet Clark Kent is ALWAYS Superman it's who his parents Jonathan and Martha raised him to be. People who take the high road instead of being petty or vengeful do exist

The destruction of Metropolis and Smallville made sense to me tho he was outnumbered and outgunned of course there was destruction)

The Dark Knight Returns presents a Superman out of character so I wouldn't look to that book for inspiration. Superman does what is right not what people in charge tell him to do. He is Superman because people needed one. He does what we can't but want to do. He is suppose to be the peoole's hero but DC has tried to get away from that image but THAT is his purpose DKR presents him as someone meant to maintain the status quo and keep the people in charge happy no he is to make the world a better Place Gotham needs Batman he knows this. Bruce is scaring people and lowering crime? Good! That's his job

I felt Cavill's Clark lacked personality something the character should have (I felt Clark and Pete should've been shown to become friends best friends after the incident) Cavill can act the man from U.N.C.L.E. shows off his skills.

Batman being a jerk and starting beef with Supes as the plot implies is not my favorite idea (I prefer Batman or Superman being manipulated into this conflict by Lex)

Thor being a god from asgard he should look like he doesn't fit in to the Marvel Cinematic universe so that was a dumb complaint from fans but Aquaman looks bad ass (he looks like Marvel's namor honestly) and I can't imagine him looking any different


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