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Peter Parker has been brought to life twice in the past decade, through both Marvel and Sony's cinematic universes. However, due to the rise of the MCU, especially in the past few years, the wall crawler is about to be re imagined through Marvel and Sony's latest partnership. Parker has given generation after generation a hero much easier to relate to, as his powers seem plausible and not as far fetched as some of the existing characters. Marvel recently released their casting choice of Tom Holland, who although looks significantly younger than his predecessors, will fit the part perfectly. Marvel is trying to bring every aspect of the comic world to life through film, and by relaunching a new Spider-man, gives them the ability to touch upon the mistakes of the previous franchises. Hollands version of Peter Parker will be much different, but will give Spider-man fanatics worldwide the web slinging hero we always envisioned, and here's how:

1. Peter Parker as a young teenager

Within the comics, Peter Parker has been portrayed as a dorky, young high school teenager, who split apart the difference between himself and Spider-man, as no one suspected Parker to possess such powers. For Toby Maguire, who was slightly too old to pull off the part, and Andrew Garfield, who transformed Peter Parker into a hipster, the role of Spider-man has not yet been perfected. Marvel constantly scouts for new talent, which is one of the reasons we do not see recurring actors in the MCU, and is just one of the reasons why Holland may just be the ideal choice.

Tom Holland set for newest Spider-man adaptation
Tom Holland set for newest Spider-man adaptation

2. He already has his powers in his first appearance

Holland has been announced to make his debut appearance in [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), ahead of his own trilogy (which does not have a definite set date as of yet). As Civil War is an iconic event in the Marvel Universe, Spider-man is ought to play a major role, and by introducing him before his own trilogy, will give us insight to the role, without an introduction sequence. Spider-mans appearance in Civil War has a lot to do with identity, and is obviously fighting for his right to remain anonymous.

3. No immediate cliche back story

In both previous franchises we saw the introduction sequence of Peter Parker gaining his powers from a spider bite, and the death of his Uncle Ben. As Holland's first appearance is set ahead of his own trilogy, we are able to connect with him as a character based on his wise cracking, science whiz nature, instead of being forced into empathy based on his traumatic life. That being said though, I really would love for Sean Bean to play Uncle Ben in the trilogy.

4. Introduction of popular villains and reinforcing their back stories

Relaunching the popular character will allow leeway to introduce popular villains, or already reinforced villains within other movies. In the latest Daredevil series, Wilson Fiske, AKA 'the Kingpin' had a strong back story, and is already developed as a character ahead of the Spider-man films. Some of the other iconic villains that may be introduced include the Vulture, Hobgoblin and of course Carnage. Although Green Goblin is one of the most famous villains, it would probably be better to wait until the performance of Dane DeHaan escapes our memory.

5. It will be based on a classic Spider-Man

Spider-man producer Amy Pascal quoted "For Peter Parker, we had to find a vibrant, talented young actor capable of embodying one of the most well known characters in the world", which is evident through the selection process Marvel and Sony went through to select Tom Holland. The classic Spider-man will bring back traditional web shooters from the wrists, and not by a mechanical devise, and will also focus on the traditional red and blue outfit from the 1980's.


What do you think? Will this be the best Spider-man to date?


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