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We are at the middle of the Year, And It is time for Top 10 movies of 2015 from January to June Edition. So without wasting anymore time Let's hop in for my Top 10 of 2015 So Far..

#10. Avengers: Age of Ultron

This Sequel from 2012 fails on many terms of expectation but, Still the movie doesn't fail to entertain you on terms of Cinematography and Special Effects. If the movie had more coherence and menacing villain then this sure would have been more up in my Top 10.

#9. Furious 7

Another Installment from Fast and Furious Franchise but this one was special one because It was Paul's "Last Ride". But that doesn't change the fact that Fast and Furious Franchise is mediocre. And to the surprise this one was better than all the Installments in Fast and Furious franchise, courtesy to James Wan.

#8. Cinderella

I never thought I would ever put a Disney Princess movie in my Top 10 but this was actually good Adaptation. Good Acting (especially by Cate), Good Cinematography, Brilliant Visuals, All in all Great Entertainment!

#7. Kingsman: The Secret Service

Now before plenty of People bash me about this that "Avengers 2 was better Comic-Book movie". Let me tell you This was really fun to watch with a comedic villain, Ultron was trying to be Serious, Besides Valentine seem much more bigger threat than Ultron.

#6. BABY

I would've never put a Foreign movie in the list untill It deserves the place. This Spy-Thriller is just gripping and tense. And that second half will glue you to your seat! such a thrill, such a tension,the effort put by director is just Brilliant.

#5. Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck

This was really something, It showed us the human side of Kurt Cobain. Mesmerizing, Beautiful journey of a legendary man.

#4. Spy

Paul Feige and Melissa Mcarthy.... need I have to say more. Okay then Rose Bryan's phenomenal acting and Jason Statham's "Chev Chelios" type of potrayal with brilliant comedic story and screenplay.

#3. Ex Machina

Writer turned Director Alex Garland's debut movie was just awesome. It is such a daunting task to pull off a Sci-Fi movie with such modest budget. Kudos to Garland for making a Classic. Brilliant acting, awesome environment, Crisp Editing and Brilliant Screenplay makes this movie just mysterious journey to know Artificial Intelligence.

#2. Inside Out

It is so "easy" for Pixar Isn't it? Almost all their movies have been universally praised and Inside Out is also another Pixar Masterpiece, Oh and This will get Oscar for "Best Animated Movie" Category, Perfect Lock!

Before I go to #1 movie of the year so far(And I guess you know that movie) Let's have some honorable mention.






McFarland, USA

#1 Mad Max: Fury Road

Summer belongs to Max, Yes It does. I had really high expectation from this movie and the movie surpassed my expectation by thousands of miles. Practical Effects, Beautiful Cinematography, Amazing Acting, Jaw-dropping Action, Masterfully directed and edited, Brilliant Visual, Menacing Villain, Amazing Soundtrack - Overall Action Movie of the Decade! I literally had to pick the Jaw from the floor when movie ended. Oh Did I mention Doof-Warrior?

This brings the end of my Top 10. Put your comments below and Tell me what is your Top 10 movies so far of the year, I would love to hear it! :D


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