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It's really no secret that for me Liam Neeson can do no wrong in my eyes. I really loved the role he played in this movie as Michael; Its one of those movies you have to watch keenly because the slightest distractions may just throw you off.

Now Michael (Liam Neeson) Is a prize winning fiction author, who had basically confined himself to his suite in Paris in order to complete his book. He recently left his wife Elaine (Kim Bassinger) I'm guessing to continue his affair with co writer Anna (Olivia Wilde) a young ambitious journalist who wants to venture into the world of fiction. At one point throughout the progression of the movie it seemed as if Anna needed rescuing, is seeking love, one that didn't involve actual commitment. I decided to separate these three characters from the rest mainly because for me that's where thee story lies . I also didn't wanted to be distracted by the other characters; I'm not saying there roles aren't important but for me this movie had resolution, and i saw these three in a different light for reasons i'm yet to figure out. Won't try to deny the fact that this movie is based on the interlocking stories of the other characters but I'm only dealing with factors that stood out the strongest for me.

When I heard "Third Person" all that came to mind was marriage deterioration due to a pass time situation-ship.

Well technically Anna is part of the reason for Michael's lack of interest in his wife and that's just my personal opinion. Clearly there is more to it than that but frankly I'm not at liberty to say what that is because I'm running on sheer speculations rather than on facts, which has never stopped me before; however clutching at straws isn't cute by no means, so I'll just leave that bit alone. Michael is intrigued by his mistress this is clearly seen based on the times they've spent together and how free spirited she appears to be as well as the little weird games they play. As some would say "She's free, filled with life.. She awaits every adventure that lies around each corner everyday." ( no one actually said that) While Elaine in my opinion again, seem to be hitting that bottle way too hard. I just got that impression from her but everyone needs something to numb the pain every now and then. I honestly don't recall her ever drinking anything, one things for sure though she did seem depressed and clingy, however; we can't blame her though can we? I mean not every woman is emotionally strong enough to withstand heartbreak and even that depends on how the heartbreak occurred in the first place. Overall it was a good movie even though i was very selective about who i wanted to talk about.

Really can't recall if she was a drunk
Really can't recall if she was a drunk

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