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"I wish I could smile right now but I got no lips".

Joe Anderson as Mason Verger
Joe Anderson as Mason Verger

Season 3 so far has been a solid season for me, but it may be a slow one for some out there. We are only on the 4th episode as I'm speaking and people have been complaining about it being too slow for them and they wanted more of the same stuff in the last season, okay here's the thing we only got 9 episodes left and we are only on the 4th episode; now the season can't rush things as its slowly showing the aftermath of a brutal season final that was season two and how it seriously effected them and that's why I think this season is brilliant of showing it's glorious arty visuals and the characters that are in a bad place right now, its called a character ark its something that a lot of popular shows lack on when it involves danger or a tragic event. This week's episode called Aperitivo and it's the episode that both blow my mind with it's stunning visuals and also made me tear up a little.

In this episode you get to see every character from the last season that to be honest I thought was dead but they alive and in this episode you get to see how they survived Hannibal's attack. What's so surprising is that none of them seem to seek revenge on Hannibal as most of them want to move on with they lives and just forget, but the past of that horrific event sneak's back to them, and they might have changed they minds a little. As I said about character ark well in this it fitted perfectly and I think its due to the writing of this episode as its both brilliant and powerful.

The whole episode is focus on flashbacks and what they shown matted and didn't feel out of place like episode 2 felt like a bit. To be honest this should have been the first episode of this season because everything felt like they fitted very well in this episode.

Laurence Fishburne did a heartbreaking and just a great performance in this episode that too be honest I don't want to give away too much of way he's like that or why it was heartbreaking, you just got to watch it yourself.

Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford
Laurence Fishburne as Jack Crawford

Overall I thought this episode was truly brilliant and the best one we got so far in this season. The acting was great, it's shot brilliantly and it's also gripping. I know this is very short review but the seasons not over yet and this is just my little review of this episode. I will do a full review of season 3 when it's over. But anywhere some people may not like this weeks episode and that's okay, but for me in my opinion it was pretty fantastic.


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