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Well it was the middle of winter I was eleven years old at the time. My husky kojo recently died from a sickness that no vet had ever heard of. So we decided to take it to the lake and dump it's body... but there was no way do dump his spirit. Every other night my young sister anna would hear kojo and start looking for him we often found her in the dog house she said he was there and we saw prints we didn't think much of it though. Well one night she woke me up and took me to the dog house there was a dark mist and then we just appeared in this dark place with a dog house in the distance with a red glow from the inside of it we could hear what sounded like a pack of dogs barking and growling at us one jumped on my back and it had no skin it snarled and snapped at my neck and it bit it I screamed I terror and the pain went up my spine and I feel and everything went black and I could hear my sister screaming and I could hear her blaming me for this and then it just went pitch black. I woke up about 7 am marks on my neck from the back and scratches on my back. I ran to check on my sister but she wasn't there I got my parents and we found her.... In the dog house. She wouldn't move or talk she seemed paralyzed and she was cold we took her to the hospital she was in a coma she had bruises on her stomach it looked like something heavy laid on her. After several horrible days she woke up and we all rushed to see her her first words were kojo...


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