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Let's face it. Everyone loves YA novels. A lot of Hollywood's bests have been based on popular novels from this genre.

When it comes to novels, YA is my favorite genre to talk about. This is because it has everything. From big scaled adventures based in mystical places to hilarious and raunchy high school stuff.

Since I am teenager, I eat up such novels.

So, if you're not already familiar with this genre or are just looking for a new book to read, you've come to the right place.

NOTE - I'm going to try and avoid telling you much about the story because it can spoil it for you. Also, I'm going to use the word 'book' even when it's a book series, so, please don't mind that.

1. The Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

This is definitely a household name. Everyone knows the Harry Potter movies and everyone loves them. The book series is absolutely great and a great for people who want to nerd out about books.

2. The Wardstone Chronicles by Joseph Delaney

Magic, Ghosts and bad ass characters makes this book really awesome. It is scary at certain moments and is overall a really cool book.

3. The Artemis Fowl Series by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl is a series of eight science fantasy novels, starring teenage criminal mastermind Artemis Fowl II. Colfer described it in the best saying that it's Die hard with Fairies and Leprechauns.

4. Percy Jackson and the Olympians Series by Rick Riordan

This is one of my al time favorites. It's funny, it's full of actions and it's a memorable book. The protagonist is someone you can relate with and it's really fun to read this.

5. Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan

This series is sort of a sequel to the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. It introduces several new characters to that universe and lets you know more about that world. The new characters are fun and the plot is really good.

6. Starbound Trilogy by Anie Kaufman and Megan Spooner

If you like Science fiction and romance, then this is the book for you. It's short read and it has great characters. The narration is really good and even though the characters live in really far fetched worlds, they seem relatable.

7. Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

If you like Game of Thrones and Lord of the rings, then this book is definetly for you. It is a really good book and I WANT A TV SERIES ON THIS DAMN IT!

8. Time Riders by Alex Scarrow

If you like History, science fiction and Time travel, then this book is for you. The series is about an agency which consists of three teenagers who have cheated death, and who travel in time to fix history broken by time travel.

9. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

This book series is not complete yet because the fourth book is coming out next year, but you can really munch up the other three in no time. It's got magic and history and really cool characters.

10. The Maze Runner Series by James Dashner

This book series is not done too because the next book will be out next year but this book series is really awesome. *PERSONAL OPINION ALERT* It's like Hunger games, except better *PERSONAL OPINION ALERT*

11. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This is another household name and rightly so. If you loved the movies, you're going to love the books even more.

12. Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

This too is a household name. It's simple, it's fun and it makes you question stuff. It has everything you would want from a YA series.

13. Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare

Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural stuff and really memorable characters. This book is something that everyone should read.

14. Throne of Glass Series by Sarah Maas

I can't begin to tell you how awesome this book is. It has adventures, magic, really cool characters and a plot line that you would love.


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