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Hey guys i know batman v superman dawn of justice is comming out next year.Which will give biggest superhero fight on screen.

Every one knows that ben affleck will potray an eldery retired caped crusader similiar to that in Frankmillers master piece.

This got me thinking how about an old actor potraying the caped crusader,and one name comes to my mind Daniel Day Lewis.

Come on he may be old but he will make an excellent dark knight.Here are some reasons why

1-He is an excellent actor

The man has won 3 oscars more than any other.Every one knows he is an excellent actor.He has done almost every role there is from a painter to a boxer.From a prisoner to a president.So yeah he will make a great caped crusader.

2-Commitment to a role

He is the most commited actor in history for me.His commitment to roles like my Cristy brown,bill the butcher have rendered people speechless.Everyone know the famous story that he got pneumonia on the set of gangs of newyork.


He is a arrogant aristocat

He is a gay man looking for love

He is a painter

He is a hunter

He is a prisoner

He is a boxer

He is a butcher

He is a tormented father

He is a oil merchant

He is a womenizing director

He is Abraham Lincoln


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