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Baldwin Collins

IT's not confirmed yet, that she might reprise her sci-fi hero, Lucy. whose name is the title of the first film, I must Admitt i am a scarlett Johansson fan, She gave such a brilliant performance in this action flick, As Lucy a woman who gains Psychokinetic abilities, When a strange substance is implanted into her Body, Lucy is transformed into a super human being with super strength, beating up and killing off the Chinese Mafia,

Honestly i lost all interest when the science entered the plot, making the movie complicating and confusing to me, this movie received positive and also critical reviews, Which I am also in agreement, the plot was Nonsensical.

But never mind me. this movie went on to Gross over $458 million Against a Budget of $40 million, So you see where it makes sense for the producers to push for a Sequel, I am wondering how would a sequel Work ? if you remember towards the Ending of the movie, Lucy became so powerful she Evolved to a point, where she Commanded space and time making her not Lucy anymore, but an Invisible God like Energy, taking over the universe.

Would you like to see Scarlett Johansson reprise her Lucy character in a sequel ? let me know you're comments.


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