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So we were all shocked (aside from the loyal readers of course!!!) at the Caesar-like death of our beloved Jon Snow in the Game of Thrones finale, prompting an increase in speculation of his actual parentage.

It has been theorized that Jon Snow is actually the result of Lyanna Stark's tragic capture and rape by Rhaegar Targaryan. When Ned Stark and his crew of rescuers fought a deadly battle at the Tower of Joy only to find poor Lyanna in a pool of her own blood swearing Ned to Secrecy over what he found....a bouncing baby boy....

There has been no proof that this is actually the case, as Ned Stark is such an honourable man that he has told no one. So did it happen?

I believe that this actually happened. For the same reason above, I am convinced that this is how Lord Snow came about. Ned is too honourable of a man to have ever strayed from his beloved Catelyn. But what if we have the father wrong? What if Rhaegar is, in fact, not the father of this little bundle of joy? Whether this babe was a product of love or rape, Lyanna could have arrived at the Tower of Joy already with child. So who do I believe the father to be?

Robert Baratheon.....of course.

Robert Baratheon for babby daddy.
Robert Baratheon for babby daddy.

I understand this the little theory of mine stands against all popular fan theories, but here are a few of my reasons...maybe I'm right, maybe I'm not....but just like all of you...I'm allowed my speculations and I would LOVE to hear what you all think.

1. Jon Snow being reborn or brought back to life is pretty much a given.

Melisandre just happened to show up at the perfect time...why is this a reason?Melisandre has always been a supporter of Stannis Baratheon. She proclaimed him the one true king and has also theorized that he will be the Bringer of Light in the war against the White Walkers. At the arrival of Castle Black, Jon Snow immediately caught her attention. Was it his pretty face? The way he swung a sword? I think it was something more. If Melisandre was not fully believing that a Baratheon was the one true king why wouldn't she have just sought out a Targaryan? as we "lose" Stannis, why did she immediately return to Castle Black? Because she found a better contender. True, she had another Baratheon in her grip earlier on, but his claim must not have been as strong as Jon's. He is a Baratheon through and through...she saw it and she will bring him back....

The red lady likes what she sees.
The red lady likes what she sees.

2. There is magic in king's blood.

We had a very lengthy visual of Jon's blood slowly flowing from his body as he lay dead in the snow. Stannis used blood magic to kill Renly Baratheon and Joffrey "Baratheon". If the same blood flows through Jon Snow's veins, then it most certainly is a sight we need to see foreshadowing it's power.

3. Jon Snow would have no claim to the Iron Throne.

As the nephew of Danaerys Targaryan, he would still be down the line in the list of rightful heirs to the throne. So why would such a strong character be brought back to have no real claim? What would be the purpose? It would not further his story, other than to let us know who his real father was and probably give him a seat as a dragon rider. I don't downplay the coolness of being a dragon rider, but George R.R. Martin is way too twisty turny to have Jon Snow go through all of this to still be a bastard with no claim to the throne.

The ultimate troll.
The ultimate troll.

4. A truly royal marriage.....

Finally, I believe that the true royalty will unite to defeat the White Walkers and save the Seven Kingdoms. House Targaryan and House Baratheon will unite. Danaerys will bring her dragons with her riders (I could go off on that topic as well!!! Stay tuned!!!) and Jon will bring his Valeryian steel and it will be epic.

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courtesy of Jon Snow a Baratheon or a Targaryan? There is reasonable argument on both sides, and as much I've just laid out my theories, I am intrigued to see either. Will the crows burn his body only to see that it will not burn (insinuating he is a Dragon) or will we be revived with blood magic...his own king's blood? Season 6 is a very long time away and winter is coming.....

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**All of my theories are purely based on the television show. I am currently catching up with the novels.**


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