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Yes I'm fully aware that Batman V. Superman is coming out next year. However I'm very skeptical about. Yes I will see it but not in theaters. I'm going to make up my very own ideal of what my World's Finest movie will look like. Elements will be used from.....

The Batman/Superman Movie (1997).

and Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2008).

The Plot: The film will open with credits. We'll see that Bruce Wayne is on a business trip to meet up with Lex Luthor (with Wayne Tech and Lex Corp working together). Lex Luthor is plotting to make some sort of illegal deal with Wayne Tech. Lex is making political campaigns to become President of the United States to get rid of Superman. Despite not knowing that Bruce Wayne is Batman, Lex is fully aware that Bruce is from Gotham City and knows all about Batman. Lex is plotting to lie to Bruce Wayne/Batman by manipulating him that Superman is a huge threat to earth and must be stopped. While Lex is inventing a battle armor to possibly fight Superman, his right hand women Mercy Graves informs him that Superman's weakness is Kryptonite and could possibly kill him. This gives Lex more sinister ideas to accomplish his diabolic plot. Bruce Wayne finally meets Lex Luthor and Mercy. Bruce and Lex discuss making militarized robots to fight crime. Lex successfully convinces Bruce that Superman is a threat to all humanity. After the brief meeting between Lex and Bruce, Bruce and Mercy start to build a relationship. Mercy and Bruce start to become closer and closer, which causes Bruce to side with Lex and Mercy to be a love interest. Meanwhile Bruce Wayne meets up with the Daily Planet to get more information on Superman. Bruce meets Clark Kent not knowing he is Superman. Bruce doesn't trust Superman and Clark tries his best to convince him that Superman is a threat or criminal. Meanwhile, Batman and Superman finally meet up. The two heroes duke it out. Superman tries to convince Batman that Lex Luthor is lying to him and is only using him to his advantage. Batman doesn't listen and continues to battle Superman. At first Superman has the upper hand. Meanwhile Batman puts Kryptonite in his fist gloves and gains the upper hand and is winning the fight. Despite Batman owning Superman, cops come out to hunt down the two heroes and are now wanted by criminals ordered by Lex Luthor. Despite The Man Of Steel and Dark Knight's differences the two heroes must team up and bring Lex Luthor to justice.

The Cast.

Jerry O'Connell as Clark Kent/Superman.

Henry Cavill did fine for what he had to and I thought he was a fine choice. However I always believed that Jerry O'Connell just screamed Superman to me. Not to mention he could also play Clark Kent with perfection. His Demeaur and Mannerisms would be the perfect for a role like this.

Jeffrey Donovan as Bruce Wayne/Batman.

For those of you who don't know, I support Affleck and hope he proves everyone wrong. However I always believed that Jeffrey Donovan was the perfect pick for the next Batman. He can be slick and suave as Bruce Wayne and he pull off Batman perfectly. Not only is he a great actor, he's also a great martial artist. Not to mention his voice sounds a lot like Kevin Conroy's.

Billy Zane as Lex Luthor.

I was orginally going to go with Mark Strong, but I realized he'd never do it. After watching Tales Of The Krypt and I came up with Billy Zane. Not only does he look like Lex, he can act like him as well. His arrogance and presence can embody the character brilliantly. His voice sounds just as menacing and remiscent to Clancy Brown's. Who wouldn't want to see that version of Lex transition into live action?

Jessica Biel as Mercedes "Mercy" Graves.

This was a tricky one. Who is a young actress who can play tough and intimidating to bring the character to life successfully. After watching her performance in the A-Team, I figured Jessica Biel would be a solid fit. She's a very good actress and can play touch and menacing in order to make the character more believable.

Clancy Brown as Perry Brown.

Clancy Brown is great at playing at tough guys. This would be a nice nod to the 90s cartoon (since he voiced Lex) to have Clancy Brown play Perry White. I mean who wouldn't wanna see this?

Rachel McAdams as Lois Lane.

This casting isn't perfect I'll admit but it's the best one currently. McAdams is a decent actress who could play the role of Lois Well enough.

Michael Cera as Jimmy Olsen.

Jimmy Olsen is often represented as the comic relief. Who can be funnier than Michael Cera himself. Cera is phenomenal at comedy which would perfect for a role like this. Not to mention he also resembles the character.

Terence Stamp as Alfred Pennyworth.

I'm aware that he played Zod. But come on. It's not like actors haven't played more than one comic book character. Terence Stamp has the right voice and mentor personality to suit the wisdom for Alfred. He would also make Alfred kind of a bad ass, which would be a nice addition to Alfred.

Bryan Cranston as Commissioner Gordon.

Bryan Cranston has become one of my favorite actors. I love him on Malcolm In The Middle, Seinfeld and Breaking Bad. This guy can literally do anything. He voiced him Batman Year One so why not have him in live action.

That's my cast. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree. Please comment. If so who would you cast. This had no relation to Man Of Steel what so ever.


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