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Keep calm and eat bananas

99% Adorable, 1% despicable

minion mania is here to stay, so meet the minions... You guys might've seen Despicable me 1 and 2... So you guys know the minions are really, really cute but evil too... There is going to be a new movie called Minions!!!! In the movie it's shows Kevin, bob, and Stuart adventures to find the next evil person!!!! Bob, Kevin, and Stuart never stopped trying... They went all over the world( I forgot to say that this was taking place 42 years befor gru was even born!!!! So that means minion were around for a long time!!!!!) Intill they found scarlet!!! The most evil person ever .... Find out what happens next with scarlet and the minions at the movie theaters (JULY 10 2015) many minions, so little time... So what are you waiting for go to the movie theaters... Tell all the people from all over the world about the 3 movie called ..... . MINIONS!!!!!


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