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so at E3 they revealed a new South Park game The Fractured But Whole, a sequel to much acclaimed South Park The Stick of Truth. I am extremely excited for this game. I loved Stick of Truth, and am a huge South Park fan.

No doubt, The Fractured But Whole, is going to be a phenomenal game! But I do have one concern, however. How will they top the ending of it's predecessor, The Stock of Truth?

an epic quest to
an epic quest to

The Stick of Truth, stars a new kid in south park, whom is created by the player. The new kid is given the title "Douche Bag", eventually, rising in the ranks to become "King Douche Bag". (This is actually the story of South Park: The Stick of Truth) So Douche Bag, gets rapped up in a "war" between "humans" lead by Eric Cartman, and "elves" Lead by Kyle, fought over an "ancient relic" known as "the stick of truth".

About half way through the story, the player must choose to side with the humans or the elves. Only to discover that the stick of truth was stolen by the "Dark Lord" Clyde. The humans and elves, must then team up to fight Clyde and his "army of darkness".

Eventually we get to, what may be the perfect ending to a South Park game!

So during the "final battle" against the "army of darkness". (oh yeah I should mention that the town is being over run by, Nazi Zombies) You make your way up Clyde's "evil fortress", there you battle Chef, who has been resurrected as a Nazi Zombie. after defeating him, you find out the twist, that Kenny is the heir to the stick of truth, and who better to explain the twist than Morgan Freeman. Though a series of events, the final boss, is Kenny, but not just Kenny, it's Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny. After a long and rather impressive, final boss, against Kenny, were you must utilize every South Park character, to counter each of Kenny's moves, and all your items (so be sure to save them for the final boss). Kenny is finally defeated by the new kid, farting on his balls (This is actually how the south park game ends), and all the zombies return to normal, and the day is saved. but it's not over yet.

After all the chaos, Cartman "casts the stick of truth out to see". The boys then ask the new kid, what he wants to do now. The game then prompts the player to press x to speak. after the player presses x, the new kid(whom has never said a word in the entire game until now!) opens his mouth and utters the phrase..."screw you guys, I'm going home".

I can not think of a better way to end a South Park game. Honestly I don't think it needed a sequel, because that ending was just so perfect, to a South Park game, but I am so glad they made a sequel, and am eager to see what kind of gross, raunchy, hilarious, and awesome, craziness South Park has in store next.

south park
south park

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