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Orlando Torres Borrero

Short films are not my strong, but this new short film is a slice of life and most of us will relate. Water Heater is a short written by C.W. Trotter and directed by Mordrid Destruelle, two creative writing students from Full Sail University. Also collaborating with this is film's cinematography is students Orlando Torres Borrero(myself), Robert Miller(camera operator), Will J. Johnson Jr.(sound mixer) and Daniel Henderson(2nd AC).

CW Trotter & Tom Lucas
CW Trotter & Tom Lucas

This story stars C.W. Trotter, Tom Lucas and Daniel Henderson as Tim, Dad and uncle Jeff, and it tell the story of a lazy kid and a strict dad. The dad wants his son to help him uninstall a water heater when life hits them both. This short just started production today and ends their shoot July 1st. Setting the location in Orlando and Spring Hill, Florida they locate very close to the campus they study and are promoting the short on Facebook and other medias. you can find the page bellow and make sure to give them a like to help promote their student production.

The Water Heater Short


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