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Dragon-ball has always been one of my favorite anime's since childhood, throughout the years I've collected many forms of memorabilia including the manga volumes and action figures. But as many of you may know Dragon-ball has kind of been MIA for a few years minus a few television specials that were never aired in the U.S. It was to my surprise that Toei Animation announced a new series to air July 5th 2015 on Japanese television called Dragon-ball Super. A manga adaption of the series will also be running concurrent with the show, which leads me into the topic of discussion.

Will Dragon Ball Super be filled with endless plot holes, or do you think that Akira Toriyama and co. have gotten it together story-wise ?

Dragon-ball has been a topic of debate amongst many of the fans for many years now mostly due to the amount of plot holes found in its story. I have many theories myself on what is and what isn't fact in Dragon-ball. When it comes down to it only the creators know all the answers (or maybe not ). As a huge fan I am interested to hear what everyone thinks on the topic. What do you think will happen in the new series? Do you think there will time skips? How many new characters will appear? My questions are endless, please feel free to leave a comment on what you think about the whole thing.


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