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Iron Man to the end
Stefan Watts

So to have a hero brought to life on the big screen, an actor who match the description of the character based on the comics is needed to make it a joy to watch film. So

#10 ) Scarlett Johansson:

This beautiful woman beautifully portrays Black Widow in the MCU, in every film Black Widow is part of she reminds the audience that even those she may appear stunning to behold she is in fact lethal and not to be mess with. This is also evidence offscreen as Scarlett is a beautiful strong minded person.

#9 ) Michael Caine:

This icon was born to play Alfred pennyworth as well as other characters such as Peachy (The man who would be king) and Charlie Crooker (The Italian Job) they said which age comes wisdom and as shown in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy, Michael Caine draw from experiences to allow Alfred to give advice to Bruce Wayne when needed the most. He remind Batman what Batman stands for and not to sink yo villains level.

#8 ) Tobey Maguire:

We all know the story of Peter Parker/Spiderman he is a nerdy teenager who get superpowers after being bitten by a radioactive spider, but to play a nerd you must look and speak like a nerd which Tobey Maguire do so perfectly throughout the original Spiderman trilogy.

#7 ) Edward Norton:

Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hulk is a science wo like the previous entry on the list, is socially awkward and processes nerd like looks. Mr Norton showcases his talent to stand out among the crowd and hide from the US military.

#6 ) Anne Hathaway:

Appearing as Selina Kyle/Catwoman in the Dark Knight Rises, she brings the whole badass no nonsense attitude for a vigilante. She like Scarlett Johansson brings the word beauty to her character along with a message to guys "don't treat her like dirt unless you want to spend forever bruised".

#5 ) Chris Hemsworth:

As the mighty Thor God of Thunder you need to have on you at all time muscle and cool hair, thankfully Chris have both starting off in Australia on soap tv Chris caught the attention of Marvel who matches their description of Thor when deciding to cast Thor. Thank god they chose Hemsworth who matches Thor's physical and persona, MCU you got this God right.

#4 ) Jennifer Lawrence:

Throughout the Xmen franchise Mystique lives up to her name, with mystery surrounding her this is further helped by being played by Jennifer Lawrence who in every film she is in she play a mysterious character. She really develop her character so well that it's hard to imagine anyone but her playing the role.

#3 ) Ian McKellen:

I cannot imagine anyone else playing the old Magneto than the legendary Sir Ian McKellen, who bring dark humour, fierce intimidating looks etc. Known outside the MCU as Gandalf in the lord of the rings trilogy and the hobbit trilogy, Sir McKellen bring pure class entertainment to the audience in all his roles.

#2 ) Robert Downey Jr:

The ever talented Robert Downey Jr is without doubt the most aswome guy who ever graced the screen, with his witty humour and his ability to turn the boring to excitement Robert brings the playboy attitude Tony Stark / Iron Man has from the comics to the big screen which is in my opinion "timeless".

And finally the countdown is over so #1 is.......

#1 ) Hugh Jackman:

Having played Wolverine for almost 16 years is goal to be reach by other actors, wolverine is known for his tough guy look, serious "I don't care about people" opinion so for Hugh Jackman to played this hero he watched Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry film to get into the part. And sure glad he did cause we love him for being the guy to fear.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this.


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