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So Marvel and Sony have already announced that the new movie Spider-man will be Peter Parker and I have already written about why that was the right choice. But part of being a responsible thinker is venting and testing both sides of an argument, so let’s think responsibly go over five reasons Marvel and Sony missed a huge opportunity by not picking Miles Morales as their new movie Spider-Man

5. Racism is bad.

The Avengers were created back in 1963 which was a time when not being racist was just something those dirty hippies did. As a result the original line up is a bit wanting as far as diversity goes and the original movie line up very much suffers from the same issue, with the only non-Anglo characters being a green monster and a pink android.

Marvel has a history of aggressive progression, pushing nonwhite characters into prominent roles, allegorically supporting the civil rights movement with X-Men, and being one of the first comic book companies to destigmatize homosexuality.

It’s about time their movie universe reflected their progressive past and casting a mixed race character in their biggest role would be a huge step in furthering the development of that tradition.

4. Because I am Bored

We have now seen two different Peters, two different Gwens, three goblins, six costumes, and oodles of bridges, graveyards, and falling damsels. The Parker story has been told twice now in less than 15 years and the constant orbiting of recycled characters and story beats is going to become difficult to refresh.

A new character brings new everything. Spider-Man would be exciting again. Movie goers wouldn’t have to yawn through the first act as they wait to see uncle Ben hemorrhage out onto the sidewalk…. Again. In a movie industry that is lousy with reboots, rehashes and the repacking of the same sleepy ideas, Marvel could have done something novel, something daring instead of filling yet another redesigned costume with yet another skinny white dude fighting yet another green dude on a flying skateboard.

3. Dat Sony Stink

Sony didn’t exactly use the Spider-Man license with a great deal of grace. The Amazing Spider-Man franchise was the most pungent example of this. Both films had a mass produced, plastic feel, like they were products of algorithms. Existing as a clear reaction to the sepia tone, humorless wake left by The Dark Knight series.

Those films were everything the Marvel’s Studio films are not, and I would think Marvel AND Sony made this deal because they want to create a product closer in tone to the bombastic, passionate and sweet films than Fiege has been shepherding.

This is a TRUE rebirth for the character not just in management but soul. An effective way to instantly show viewers you are committed to change is to…well, change. Miles could be a symbol of a new kind of film, a progenitor for an entire era of new fun, poignant Spider-Man films.

2. Synergy

If Marvel’s over caffeinated marketing is to be believed, Miles Morales is going to be a central pillar of the Post-Secret Wars Marvel comic book universe.

Marvel has a history of reflecting movie events in their comics to make the films function as more effective jumping on points for new fans. The Back in Black story line mimicked the Spider-Man 3 story in several ways. Iron Man happened to battle a version of the Iron Monger around the time the first film launched etc.

If Marvel has big plans for Miles in their comics (like it seems they do) a film starring him would be a prefect phase one to his coup.

1. The Spider-Verse

If you can get the movie-going public to accept a change to the true identity of Spider-Man it would probably mean they were open to other interpretation of the character. So why not try out films that introduce Spider-Man 2099, or Spider-Gwen, or Spider women, girl, ham , knight or Iron.

The point is Miles could be a Trojan Horse for expanding the Spider-Man movie universe in a good way, rather than the broken and, boneheaded way Sony was planning before the deal with Marvel that would have given, Aunt May here own film.

The Spider-Man mythos is an amusement park of fun crazy characters and stories so why do we need to keep telling the same story about the same character again and again.


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