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Ray Ray Cervantes

Now we all know that the new DCCU directors have made some questionable decisions when it comes to it's cast. I mean Jesse Eisenburg as Lex Luthor? Something tells me he won't exactly be "Making Superman Bleed" anytime soon. Point being, if they can cast JE/LL, then casting Chris Pine shouldn't be a hard decision.

Lets start off with the basic Hal Jordan Look.

Hal Jordan is your average, tall, brown hair, brown eyed, male, with an athletic build. If Chris Pine hasn't popped into your head yet i forgive you. Minus the blue eyes he's actually a perfect fit. And let's not forget the buff, upperbody that Chris seems to have perfected. Which by the way if you're gonna play Hal Jordan, you need to be handsome. Now if you'll excuse me im gonna use my one pass to act gay as a straight man...

... Ok im back, now, lets get to the wise cracking, problem with authority having, smooth with the ladies, Hal Jordan that we've all come to know and love. In the past we've seen Chris Pine play each and everyone of those characters, and in the exact same movie (Star Trek) *Clears throat*... basically, Star Trek into Darkest night. He's already proven himself to be "that guy". Which makes him the best choice to play Batman's headache. Hal Jordan has always had a way with the ladies, and given every Chris Pine movie ever made, he kind of takes the cake. Next the big F*** you to authority, that Hal Jordan gives to just about everyone. Now I'll admit, Ryan Reynolds was absolutely the man for that job, but he may have thrown out the tiny bit of seriousness that Jordan carries... So, since this is apparently the millenium of remakes, i say we take advantage and, and give Hal Jordan his seriousness back. Sure Ryan Reynolds was a good comedian, but its hard to watch an action movie when your main character, is Van f***ing Wilder. So why not give the job to Chris Pine? He's smart ass, cracks good jokes, but at the same time can be taken seriously every once and a while.

Im not saying he needs to play Batman but we need to know that he can be serious when he needs to be.

So, yeah there's my opinion, other choices i have for comic book characters are Idris Elba for John Stewart, Liam Hemsworth for Guy Gardner, and Rooney Mara for Raven. Just think about it haha.


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