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They're cute, they're yellow (the color of sunshine), and their babbling is sure to make you heartily guffaw. They're the Minions! And don't be fooled by the adorableness. Their goal is to follow an evil mastermind and help serve their villainous schemes.

If you need to brush up on some Minion history, check out the trailer for Minions, which is a prequel to Despicable Me:

Do you feel like you need a bit of Minion in your life? Don't fret. You can decorate your room, your car, your eyelids, or even paint your city with these charming guys. Check out some Minion paraphernalia, which only proves that they are slowly, but surely, taking over the world.

1. Lego My Banana

This is way too cute! I'll admit I get a similar expression to the one in the middle when I spot some delicious fruit nearby.

2. Sweeter Than Pumpkin Pie

I personally am terrible at carving pumpkins come Halloween. Therefore, painting might be the way to go. This doesn't look so complicated. Just purchase some black, blue, yellow, and white paint, and some circle frames with printed eyes, and voilà! You've got a fleet of Minions at your disposal.

3. Want to Make Your Feet Cuter?

Keep your feet warm and snuggly with these slippers. You'll be sure to get compliment after compliment.

4. Twinkie, Twinkie Little Minion

Just when you thought Twinkies couldn't get any more delicious.

5. Need Some Inspiration for Halloween?

Slightly creepy, slightly delightful! No need to dwell on what you're going to dress up as on Halloween!

6. Misbehaving Minion

We've all made that face when checking out some booty. No judgement here!

7. Check Out Those Pecs

Move over, Channing Tatum! These Minions are all muscle and all brawn. If anyone could make those blue overalls sexy, it's these studs.

8. Minion Levine

Minion Levine has the voice...and the looks.

9. Minion Mermaid

"I want to be where the villains are."

10. Makeup Skills

I am beyond impressed. Those radiant shades of blue and yellow are stunning! I also love the silver accent around the Minions' eyes.

11. Squeaky Clean

Although incredibly necessary, brushing your teeth can seem like a massive pain, whether you are an adult or child. This contraption is sure to make that chore much more enjoyable.

12. Cuddle Time

Just look at how comfortable and happy this model looks. Although I can more or less fall asleep anywhere, this looks more comfortable than the back of my car or the bench outside my old theater class in college.

It's time to open your life up to some yellow and blue, and Minion the crap out of your surroundings. These guys are cute and may have a streak of mischievousness, but admit it... we all need a dash of that!

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