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A lot of people have been negative about Paris Hilton over the years, but even those who oppose of her will have to agree that this twisted prank should never be played on anyone!

Filmed for an Egyptian TV show hosted by Ramez Galal - a well known actor - Paris was led to believe that the aircraft she was traveling in was about to crash.

After sitting on the plane for about five minutes the alarms started to go off. Clearly worried, Paris just keeps asking "What's happening?" over and over again.

It's obvious that she was really beginning to panic at this point.

To add to the tension, Ramez Galal is seen throwing a bottle of water at a fellow passenger.

After the plane was safely landed, the heiress to the Hilton hotel fortune was told it was only a joke and, as you can imagine, she was pretty pissed. Well, she must have been after the shock had worn off.

Watch the video below, be warned, it is hard to watch. I think Paris should definitely speak with her legal team about this one!

She took to Twitter to speak about her ordeal.

Ramez Galal is yet to comment on the tasteless joke, maybe he's hiding from the lawyers? I would be if I were him!

source: gosocial


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