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Like most people, Harry Potter actress Afshan Azad (who played Padma Patil in the movies) has grown up quite a lot since she was 15 years old, but unlike most of us, she now has millions of people unexpectedly judging her appearance.

After being featured in a Buzzfeed article last year, Azad has been inundated with comments thanks to hundreds of copycat articles, but she is not entirely pleased with the sudden influx of often negative attention.

The former Harry Potter actress, who is now 27 years old, has instead been one of the first child stars I've seen who has fought back against the way all eyes have been directed to scrutinize her face.

Afshan Azad, then and now
Afshan Azad, then and now

After first being alerted to the article by her Twitter followers, Azad started Tweeting her reactions to the piece.

Although Azad's reactions were good humored, it was clear that the negative comments she received about how she chooses to wear her hair and makeup weren't going to be taken lying down.

Nor were any scandalous allegations that Azad read in the comments about having plastic surgery to alter her appearance.

After skimming through the comments on Buzzfeed to see where Afshan was coming from, I was shocked at the barrage of vile comments she was pelted with, especially as the Harry Potter community is normally such a kindhearted fandom.

Afshan Azad on Twitter
Afshan Azad on Twitter

Azad, who gained her part when casting agents came to her school in Manchester, has not appeared in any movies or TV shows since Harry Potter and seems to have pursued a career away from acting. Needless to say, being unexpectedly illuminated by the spotlight again without warning must have been a shock to the system.

Afshan has still taken the time to appreciate all of the positive messages she has received from fans in the past couple of day though, and she has even individually acknowledged some of them via Twitter:

After having her teenage self judged by the masses, Azad left off with some positive messages for all of us.

Do you think our obsession with child stars as they get older has gone too far?

(Source: Buzzfeed and Twitter)


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