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After winning three awards at the Saturn awards this past weekend, The Walking Dead's Greg Nicotero and Scott Gimple gave an interview with Collider to chat about plans for Season 6, and if we thought the Season 5 premiere was good or not. It sounds like these masterminds have even more in store for us when the show premieres in October.

First of all, Greg Nicotero (who is a producer, special effects master and director on the show) and Scott Gimple (who both writes for the show and acts as executive producer) expressed their happiness about the show's wins at the Saturn Awards, an award show that honors the best in sci-fi, horror and fantasy. This year, The Walking Dead was lucky enough to win three awards for Best Actor (Andrew Lincoln), Best Supporting Actress (Melissa McBride) and Best Syndicated/Cable TV Series.

After giving thanks for the awards, the two chatted about how the show consistently tries to meet the standards and then push past those that were set by others in the horror genre, saying:

In season one, Night of the Living Dead was sort of our holy grail. We were striving to make something as meaningful as that material, and I think that six years in, not only do we continue to do it but we do it better. It gets harder every year, but we don't back down. I feel like our skeletons are just stripped of every emotion because we try so hard to keep the show fresh and keep the show original.

As fans who have watched the show since Season 1 will know, The Walking Dead has only gotten bigger and better with each season, and it very rarely becomes stale, with new plot lines and characters on a constant rotation.

Gimple then went on to talks about what the crew is trying to do for the upcoming Season 6:

And this year we're pushing harder than ever, we're going some really different things in Season 6. We're attacking story different ways, we're playing with structure.

This is great news. Viewers will have noticed a change in The Walking Dead, particularly in the second half of Season 5 when the cinematography and storytelling became a little different than we were used to. Episode 9 was a great example of this when Tyreese had many flashbacks, the opening scene of the episode was actually a flash forward. Personally, I think it was a great shake-up and made the whole episode feel a lot fresher. To hear that the show is working on more techniques to tell stories in new ways is an exciting prospect, and I cannot wait to see how they do it.

Greg Nicotero dropped some great hints about what we can expect in the premier episode in Season 6:

Very, very bold moves....What I love what we're doing about the season premiere of this one is, it's bold. We want our audience to think and they get to put together the puzzle that we are presenting to them, knowing that by the end of the episode that they will have arrived at the conclusion that we want them to arrive at.

A puzzle? Very intriguing!

I can't help but imagine that given how the finale of Season 5 ended, with Morgan finally arriving at Alexandria, that the premiere of Season 6 may be largely involved with us hearing Morgan's backstory. After all, that would definitely make a great puzzle, matching all the pieces together to figure out how he ended up back on track with the group, and where exactly he learned all those amazing fighting skills with his staff.

There's also a strong possibility that there could have been a time jump in the Walking Dead universe when the show does return. This has happened in quite a few season premieres, and even happened between Season 5a and Season 5b. When we left the group in Episode 8, they were outside Grady Memorial hospital—but when we met them again when the season reconvened in Episode 9, they had made their way to Noah's walled community, several hundred miles away. If there was to be a time jump then there would inevitably be a few puzzles for the viewers to try and put together through the first episode.

Whatever the Season 6 premiere holds, it will no doubt be amazing—after the premieres of seasons past (especially the explosive Season 5 premiere at Terminus), we've certainly come to realize that Gimple and Nicotero definitely know their shit. Now we just have to wait until The Walking Dead returns to AMC in October to see what they throw at us this year.

Watch the entire Saturn Awards interview here:

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