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The Xbox One and PS4 community are still in the honey moon stage with Elder Scrolls Online. Those who purchased the game on its release date have enjoyed almost a month of exploration in Tamriel's Summerset Isles. There's no telling whether the current online population will persist in the months ahead, or whether we'll see the popularity of Elder Scrolls Online dissipate.

But for now, Xbox One and PS4 fans are enjoying healthy numbers in ZeniMax Online's major success. But what does the community think of ESO? Elder Scrolls Online was released to pretty average review scores in April of last year - though there have been significant updates since then. Have these updates been enough to make Elder Scrolls fans enjoy this MMO?

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online - Review From the PS4 & Xbox One Community

This quote comes from Devil_Mays on Reddit, who is apparently feeling the power that ESO can hold over your social life - we've all been there.

Despite the problems that ESO contains - and it does have a few of them - it can be an incredibly addictive experience. But this is just a typical aspect of MMOs. The desire to level up your character can be overwhelming, particularly when there's such a large community running alongside you. So what exactly are Elder Scrolls fans enjoying about Elder Scrolls Online? What has them so captivated to give such overwhelmingly positive responses?


ESO & its PvP is Adored!

PvP has been a massive winner for the Xbox One and PS4 community. With battles of over 100 players being waged for control over castles, gamers are thanking ZeniMax for some of the most intense online battles they've ever experienced. Personally, I have the same problems with Destiny that I do with Elder Scrolls Online. The PvP is such a joy to experience in comparison to its generally boring PvE.

Elder Scrolls Online doesn't have an engaging campaign in my opinion. But its PvP battles are a wonder and console gamers are revelling in ESO's greatest strength. But what are your thoughts on Elder Scrolls Online? Do you have a review to offer up over a year after its PC release? Have you picked it up on Xbox One and PS4?

Elder Scrolls Online
Elder Scrolls Online

I engaged with The Elder Scrolls Online back when it was initially released for the PC. It lost my interest pretty quickly, however I occasionally returned following bug updates. But finally having it running on the XBOX One and PS4 has been a great way to return to this great MMO. The game is nowhere near perfect, and yet it can be one of the most addictive games in recent memory. Let us know what you think of ESO in the comments!


What do you play Elder Scrolls Online on?


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