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Well hello there, Arrow fans. This season has been pretty disappointing, to say the least. They were up in their game with season 2, everyone loved it. So... what happened in season 3, why most of the fans hated it ? You want the answer ? Here it is :

You have failed this show: Olicity

Let's focus on the first half of the season. We start with the Arrow being embraced as a hero by Starling City. Lance, who is now promoted to Captain, calls off the anti-vigilante task-force. Everything seems to be right in the world, but then we have the first glimpse of Olicity. Out of the blue, Oliver and Felicity go out on a first date, but Oliver ends up explaining that he can't be the Arrow and Oliver Queen. Like, either he lets go of his vigilante side to be with the woman he supposedly loves, or he stops being himself and he's just the Arrow from now on.

What a load of horseshit, if I may say. Where did that decision come from ? Let's backtrack to season one and two. Oliver, as we've all seen, as been with a lot of women. The thing with all those relationships he had, is that they all made sense. Look at Laurel and Oliver, they were lovers before Ollie disappeared for five years. She believes her sister is dead and blames Oliver, but eventually they end up reconnecting.

Romantic and Passionate
Romantic and Passionate

Romance is part of the hero's journey. We've seen that in almost every comic book adaptation, either being TV or a movie : Tony Stark with Pepper Potts, Peter Parker with Mary-Jane, Clark Kent with Lois Lane, and so on.

The Sara and Oliver relationship also makes sense. They were stranded on that island together, they both suffered and they both came out as heroes.

Bonded through hardship
Bonded through hardship

Even Helena makes sense being with Oliver. They both suffered a lost, they both feel like they need to bring justice to Starling City. The only difference between them, is that Oliver doesn't kill anymore, he found another way to bring justice without killing. Helena however believes vengence = justice. Nothing will stop her from killing every single criminal in the city, including her own father.

Brought together by justice
Brought together by justice

All of these made sense and were not boring. After Felicity's first date with Oliver, she becomes the girlfriend of Ray Palmer and it makes so much sense. They're both socially awkward, smart and quirky. They're perfect for each other. So why did she end up being with Oliver ? Simple. The fandom, the Olicity shippers is the main reason of why the season went downhill.

In episode 9 - The Climb (which was by far the best of the season), Oliver, as we all saw, dies at the hands of Ra's al Ghûl. Once Diggle accepts the fact that he might be dead, Felicity starts yelling at everyone, whining and whimpering about how her Oliver would never die because he's Oliver. Remember her character in season one and two ? She was actually useful, valuable to the team, she was funny ... etc. That's why she became a fan-favourite.

Can you get more perfect ?
Can you get more perfect ?

Which is ironic, because being a fan-favourite is what brought her down. Soon enough the internet was flooding with fan-arts and fan-fiction. Soon after that, arrived the Olicity shippers, and they flooded the internet saying "Oh gosh, Felicity and Ollie look so good together, let's make them a couple". The producers, in their haste of pleasing the fans, made Oliver and Felicity a couple. See, if there wasn't any Olicity shippers, the 3rd season would have been better. I think the season was halfway through writing when they decided to incorporate the Olicity idea, that's why it was such a disaster. They had to change to story, so that Olicity could fit into it.

That's the downfall of the show, transforming a friendly relationship that worked and everyone enjoyed watching to a love story that made no sense. As I was saying, Felicity was useful to the team, and because love wasn't in the air with Oliver, they were more effective, quicker. Now that they love each other (apparently), each time that Oliver is on the field, Felicity fears for his life and each time he disappears, she yells at everyone that they need to find him, slowing falling into the pit of hated characters. Even if a bomb will go off in a densely populated neighborhood, she will yell at everyone who can hear her to go find Oliver.

That actually happens in the show. In the final episode, to be precise. Ra's is infecting Starling with the AlphaOmega, Ray is working on an antidote and Oliver is in grave danger. What does Felicity do ? Tell Ray to save Oliver.... of course -_-

Luckily, he talks some sense into her

Felicity, If I don't finish the antidote soon, a lot of people are going to die. What would Oliver do ?

He's right, I mean one life for thousands, there's no choice. But of course Felicity blinded by love, gets in the Atom suit and rescues Oliver. Actually, the whole Olicity stuff was so prominent that it even overshadowed other storylines, it transformed a good superhero show into a soap opera.

Oh good, China

Remember the flashbacks in season 2 ? They were the best part of the season. With Slade training Oliver, how the mirakuru serum affected him and how he became his enemy. It was awesome ! Now in season 3, not much happens. He's a prisoner of Amanda Waller, she forces him to work for her, with jobs like torturing a guy to get the location of some thing.

And that's the only action we get in the flashbacks. It's only towards the end of the season that it becomes a little more interesting. Oliver and Maseo, who are both working for Waller, are tracking down a virus (the AlphaOmega), but by the time they find the place, it's too late : it's already airborne. Luckily, they previously injected themselves an antidote. Maseo's son, Akio dies and chaos follows : Maseo joins the League of Assassins, Tatsu goes away....

Laurel as Black Canary

It was bound to happen one day, sooner or later. If you have some knowledge of Green Arrow, you knew, as soon as you heard that name, that she was gonna be Black Canary. And sooner than we realised, there she was, all dressed up. I'm still a little skeptic about her fighting skills. One time she gets her ass handed to her by a simple thug and another time she can take on 2 soldiers of the League, without any problem. At least, Laurel has now something to do, and that's always good, I guess.

Where are we going now?

For starters, Stephen Amell said in an interview that the Arrow is not coming back. As we saw in the last episode Oliver is happy (dear lord, what a horrible ending) and goes away with Felicity. Now about that "Arrow is not coming back", does he mean the vigilante or the suit ? I think he means both, in some way. Next season, Oliver will be back with his proper Green Arrow attire, at least I hope he will. As for Roy Harper (Arsenal) he's gonna be on the show Titans, which could be part of the same universe where Arrow and Flash exist. Should be interesting to see.

If the writers are smart, here's how they're gonna justify the changes. Flash ran inside a black hole because the timeline was too unstable, right ? Well here's my idea (and hopefully theirs aswell) of how things will change : Flash and Arrow share a universe so what happens to Flash must happen also to Arrow, in some way, shape or form.

See you on october Flarrow fans !


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