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Hannibal is gone... I think. It's dead... maybe. In this modern age of streaming sites, jumps to different networks and fan driven revitalizations, it's really quite hard to tell when a show is truly gone. We could always hold out hope, and look for alternate methods of broadcast, solidifying the audience and giving Hannibal a more viable demographic, but that just wouldn't be as fun. So for the sake of self pity, let's revel in the storylines that we probably maybe almost definitely never get to see in future seasons of Hannibal.

Hannibal's capture

Because Hannibal Season 3 has decided to adopt the pacing of a drug-induced snail (I mean that entirely in a good way) any sense of drive and direction in the show is kind of obscured. That's why this potential plot detail isn't entirely confirmed. I understand that Bryan Fuller would like to end Season 3 with Hannibal in custody, or would have at least enjoyed leading into Season 4 with it. It would be a crying shame never to see Mads Mikkelsen so iconically behind bars, but then again, it could be interesting to see his legacy be comprised completely of trolling the other characters, and getting away with it.

Clarice Starling

Will this lady ever get a chance to return?
Will this lady ever get a chance to return?

The potential for the Silence of the Lambs storyline has been a talking point for fans ever since the show began! This would have occurred around Season 5 of Bryan Fuller's hugely audacious 7 Season Plan! It all sounds like wishful thinking in retrospect, especially considering that the rights to the character of Clarice Starling are still owned by Orion pictures. Because a standalone movie involving her and not Hannibal would totally rake in the big bucks! Whether after Season 3, Fuller would have made do with an in universe replacement for Starling, or snuck her in and adapted Silence of the Lambs exactly, we may never know.

An end to the books

Believe it or not, Thomas Harris' original novels revolving around the character of Hannibal Lecter actually ended on a cliffhanger. Well, it's a cliffhanger if you're looking for a cohesive end to Clarice Starling's character arc, with her being veritably brainwashed by Lecter and becoming his new partner, much as Bedelia Du Maurier is in Season 3. Perhaps the most tragic thing about the cancellation of Hannibal is Bryan Fuller not being able to provide a new and creative ending to the entire series.

Fuller allegedly had the intention to bring Will Graham back after his arc was finished in the Red Dragon storyline, and unite every element of Thoma Harris' fiction. It could have been amazing to see Starling and Graham team up, or as contemporary fans would want it, see Will brainwashed by Hannibal instead, and have them skip off into the sunset as BFFs. Alas, Will and Hannibal may never receive the happy ending they apparently deserve.

A new life on Amazon?

Maybe he's not done yet!
Maybe he's not done yet!

And here's where the wonders of modern broadcast swoop in to save the day. Hannibal could be set to join the likes of Arrested Development, Trailer Park Boys and The Killing as a show that lives on thanks to the benevolent touch of streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Amazon currently owns streaming rights to Hannibal, but it's unsure whether they'll put the extra effort in to save the show entirely. Whether Amazon or Netflix pick up Hannibal, it would likely be released in the form of an episode binge. I can say from personal experience that this is not the best way to view Hannibal, but if the streaming sites get their priorities straight, and the fans have enough temperance, we could still see Bryan Fuller's epic vision made real!

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