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IMDB: A young woman is recruited into a secret government agency to be "stitched" into the minds of the recently deceased, using their memories to investigate murders.

We meet Kirsten (Emma Ishta) who is an emotionally inept person. She is also incapable of understanding not only the passage of time but how it feels when it happens. This is due to a rare but troublesome medical condition known as "Temporal Dyspepsia." As a result she utilizes his vast intellect to create algorithms and advance thought process to make educate guesses as far as how much time has passed. Her vast intellect and lack of social skills make her appear to be stand offish and appalling, but I find her to be interesting, and there is a lot of potential room for growth, and so far they've handled her quite well.

The supporting cast, the fellow scientists and engineers who help make this all happen are bearably charming and whimsical, and the budding chemistry between Kirsten and Cameron (Kyle Harris) is apparent and could prove to be interesting, whereas Kirsten is all business and abrupt directness approach to everything, Cameron is the more comedic albeit very smart in his own right type that will (I theorize) prove to be the social glue to helps interface between the people involved in the murders they solve and Kirsten. Of course, I also see Kirsten's character fine tuning her skill sets and becoming more vocal about wanting to get back into the field and this could be rough for at first, but with enough time and grooming by Cameron and big boss, Ayo (Sola Bamis), this unique spin on procedurals could maintain my interest, of which is already piqued!

I like unique and risk taking in Sci Fi-esque stories that require constant attention and an attentive eye not to mention a bit of actual intellect to comprehend and thus, enjoy. This is exactly that, and to add onto the aforementioned lack of emotions, this could also be attributed to the fact that her father, her biological one, left her when she was very young and had to compensate by suppressing those feelings, and as a result loss touch with all emotions. This, of course, led to her present emotional state or lack thereof.

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