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I think it is safe to say that Rugrats is one of the most popular kids shows of all time. If you were a '90s kid, chances are you would have been hooked on the adventures of Tommy and his toddler friends who had to deal with the antagonist of the series, Angelica.

But what if the series was not as innocent as you may have thought and had a far darker side? A Rugrats fan theory began a few years ago on the Creepy Pasta website and has picked up momentum with further theories. It brings a very sinister twist to this cute show about toddlers.

Are you ready to have your potentially favorite childhood show unravelled?

The Rugrats Theory:

Angelica is actually paranoid schizophrenic and all the other toddlers are just figments of her imagination.

If you think that is bad, find out now why she made them up:


Have you ever noticed Chuckie's dad is always on edge and worried about him? That's because - according to the Rugrats fan theory - Chuckie died with his mother in childbirth in 1986. Chas now suffers from chronic anxiety and his condition is always brought out in social situations.

The other characters look normal, while Chas always seems distressed:


So the fan theory also posits that Angelica's cousin, Tommy, was stillborn in 1988. Unable to cope with the loss of his son, Tommy's dad Stu started doing toy-making as a hobby to create gifts for his late son - even though he would never receive any...

The Twins

Finally, the Rugrats Theory claims the twins are figments of Angelica's imagination. In fact, the DeVilles decided to have an abortion in 1990 and because Angelica was never told if the babies would have been girls or boys, she therefore created twins, giving them matching names and personas to fill the void. The reason behind Angelica creating the twins was because she had a nonexistent relationship with her mother and her father was not there for her either.

As Angelica did not have a way to have questions answered she created the lives that they would have lived, using her own imagination.

The theory does not just stop at Rugrats

It spills into All Grown Up, the show which was a spin-off of the Rugrats where the babies are much older, this is where the theory continues.

Angelica's Mom:

In All Grown Up, Angelica's delusions are exacerbated by her being addicted to narcotics. Supposedly, Angelica's biological mom died from a heroin overdose and Angelica developed problems further on as her mom took drugs while being pregnant. Angelica got hooked to these mind-altering drugs in order to continue her relationship with her "Rugrat creations," as they were the only company she'd ever really kept.

Her mom was called Cynthia, which is where the doll's name stems from. Angelica mirrored her mother's image in the Barbie doll, which is why she was so attached to it. The woman shown as Angelica's mom in the Rugrats is actually her step-mom.

What about Dil?

Out of all the babies, Dil is the only one who is not fictional, but that's not to say the next part of the theory is any less dark.

Angelica is Dil's cousin, and after becoming confused as to whether he is real or not hit him accidentally very hard when trying to make him get away from her. This resulted in Dil having brain damage and is why he behaves so strangely in All Grown Up.

I was a huge fan of Rugrats; as a kid I loved watching this show and never could have imagined that it could potentially carry a deeper psychological meaning. The theories by Creepy Pasta are as interesting as they seem flawed, but this theory did open my mind to what the show really could be about.

Whether the theory is true or not, it does make you think that there is more to the Rugrats than initially meets the eye.


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