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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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The MCU's brilliant second phase will sadly come to a close with the release of Ant-Man, which could possibly be Marvel's craziest film since Guardians. But with the release of Phase 3's curtain riser, Captain America: Civil War, comes our very first look at a certain wall-crawling badass. So not all is lost!

But how is Tom Holland's Spider-Man going to be introduced into the universe? Is it going to be off-hand and fairly subtle like Black Panther's - or mainly Wakanda's, introduction in Age of Ultron, or will he cheekily swing through an establishing shot?

After Ant-Man's first press screening, Entertainment Weekly's John Boone revealed that the heist movie will contain the MCU's first Spider-Man reference, besides its two post-credit spots and a whole host of other awesomeness:

But, before we start popping the Marvel branded Spider-Champagne, MCU overlord Kevin Feige was on hand to simmer down the excitement somewhat.

In conversation with Zap2it, when quizzed over the line that will position Spidey in the MCU, Feige was as reserved as ever:

"That line was old, actually. All that was meant to be very generic."

Oh, ... okay then.

Not today.
Not today.

But despite Feige's words, validity of this rumor has been aided by the fact that Corey Stoll's dastardly businessman Darren Cross will allegedly attempt to sell the stolen Ant-Man technology to The Ten Rings (group that kidnapped Tony Stark in Iron Man) and Roxxon (Marvel's fictional oil company). Latino-Review believes this would be the perfect moment to allude to OsCorp's existence within the MCU.

What do you think?

(Source: Zap2it, Latino-Review)


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