ByOlivia van der Will, writer at

I am a huge fan of tattoos, especially the kind that are incredible pieces of art born from the minds of the most talented artists. I have a whole collection of favorite tattoo artists and this tattooist really blew my mind when I came across his work.

Johan Mattsson, a self confessed game geek and nerd has taken his geekdom to whole new heights by getting a ''Geeksleeve.' The tattoo is still in progress but it already looks stunning.

Let me introduce you to Gothenburg based tattoo artist Niki Norberg's jaw-dropping work.

Geeky gamers will recognize the Tac 2 joystick here, and the Commodore 64 computer. The incredible perspective makes it looks like it is popping straight out of Johan's skin. Doctor Strange, the character from Marvel's Strange Tales can be seen here too.

This Imperial TIE fighter pilot from Star Wars looks like it is straight out of a painting.

I love this part of the sleeve, the colors are so vivid. There are so many details in this sleeve, did you spot the beautiful Tolkien portrait? There is also Judge Death here and little Pip-Boy.

Take a look at the meticulous attention detail in the lower half of the sleeve showing Judge Death throwing RPG dice.

These are just the beginnings of an incredible sleeve by Niki Norberg and the final piece will be even more jaw-dropping, I cannot wait to see it.


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