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The latest Minion fan art has Minion Stuart, Kevin and Bob popping up as Disney Princesses.

Even the Universal Studios marketing folks are trying to catch the Minion frenzy by releasing 10 posters that have the Tres Minion-igos as sitting models for some classic and modern art masterpieces.

Spain based Deviant Art contributor AlecX8 makes another case for the eternal and omnipresence of Minion-kind. He has cleverly inserted Kevin, Stuart and Bob into some classic movie posters-- essentially making Minions the stars of every feature made since the 1970s.

Minions being so yellow and cute and cuddly, they can never really wear-out their welcome.

Alice in Wonderland as Alice in Minionland

Shaun of the Dead as Minion of the Dead

Inception as Minception

Men in Black as Minions in Black

Jaws as Minion

Mars Attack! as Minions Attack!

Gremlins as Minions

Terminator: Apocalypse as Terminion: Apocalypse

Saving Private Ryan as Saving Minion Ryan

Valentine's Day as Minions' Day

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World as Scott Minion vs. The World

How to Train Your Dragon as How to Train Your Minion

Precious: Based on the Novel by Sapphire as Precious: Based on the Novel Menacing by Gru

Precious: Based on the Novel by Sapphire as Minion Is Precious: Based on the Novel Menacing by Gru

The Hangover as The Minion Hangover: This Is Not My Movie

Hot Fuzz as Minion Fuzz

Man on the Moon as Minion on the Moon

Despicable Me as Minions: Despicable Me

Via Deviant Art

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