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Baldwin Collins

Not every movie based on a television series really proves successful, But this one really caught my attention. Based on 'the Equalizer ' t v series starring British actor the late Edward woodward, About a retired Government Agent who hire's out his special skills to anybody that's in trouble. The series aired from 1985 to 1989 with 88 episodes.

However Academy award winner, Denzel Washington plays Robert Mccall in this film, a Man living a Ordinary life, Working as a Storeman at a Hardware Depot. Leaving a Mysterious life Behind Him, But his Quiet and Simple life style, is about to Change, When a young Girl and mccall becomes mutual friends at a local diner.

The Girl's lady of the night profession has her under the control of some Russian Gangster's, Thing's get violently out of Control, Leaving the Girl Badly Beaten-up, the result' she ends up in Hospital, Robert (Washington) Seeing her poor condition, Robert Decides to Revenge the Russian Mobsters, which leads to a full scale war Between Mccall and the head of the Russian Mafia.

The director Antoine Fuqua had worked with Denzel Washington on 'Training Day ' which Earned Washington a best Actor Academy Award However 'this movie 'The Equalizer ' 2014 earned $192 million worldwide at the Box office, so the producers have very good reason to push for a sequel. Would you like to see a Equalizer 2 movie ?


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