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Suicide Squad was undeniably the most surprising movie to feature on DC's film slate. Task Force X has never been as hot a property as Batman, nor as clamored for on the big screen as Wonder Woman, yet Warner Brothers have lined them up as their third movie in the franchise. It's a bold statement of faith in David Ayer to make a great film that will introduce audiences to D-listers like El-Diablo, Slipknot and Captain Boomerang. However, Suicide Squad may well be DC's ace in the hole, what with all the talent lining up to play a part and one other thing that's going to explode out this universe: villains.

Well, no duh, it's a movie about villains, we got that part. True, but have you thought much about what that entails, beyond making the film unique and imaginative in comparison to most comic-book films? Because it has a massive knock-on effect. If you're confused, let me explain.

Family photo time!
Family photo time!

For example, Captain Boomerang is going to have a prominent role in this film. Which means that we have The Flash villain all primed, ready and moreover; developed, two years before The Flash is set to star in his very own solo flick. Then there's Joker, Harley Quinn and Killer Croc for Batman films in the future as well as Deadshot who, despite being a Batman villain, is a character who regularly flits between different cities to provide a challenge for many different heroes. There's also Enchantress, Slipknot and El-Diablo who can all be villains in almost any of the upcoming films on DC's slate.

What all this means that DC Cinematic Universe will have 9 (or 10 if you count Katana) villains already set up and ready to feature in other films. Now sure, at least one or two of them will have to die in order to fulfill the title, but that still leaves us with a hefty amount of established villains to funnel into the rest of the universe. Which is a massive win for DC, as the biggest complaints being weighed against Marvel's films being are to do with how uninteresting the villains are. Which means Suicide Squad presents them with a chance to one-up Marvel as well as establish a cinematic universe with a definitive difference to what has gone before.

Too many to count
Too many to count

It's also playing to DC's own strengths, as villains have always been one of their strongest points. Even their lowest level villains have been made into interesting characters. Their ranks of engaging bad guys is one of their biggest selling points and is why Suicide Squad has always been a successful property in comic form. So it makes complete sense for DC to get out the gate playing to their strengths by showcasing the trinity as well as putting the spotlight on the criminal underworld.

The other thing that Suicide Squad allows to be set up is some of the government world, and by extension, the whole world. We get to see Amanda Waller as a government agent, which allows us to delve into the unseen parts of this world. Waller is most often connected to some sort of meta-human department of the government where they observe the superheroes' activities and prepare themselves against them in the event of an attack. Even one glimpse into Waller's office could contain a fun-house of easter eggs, clues and references. And a conversation between her and another operative could give a glimpse of a superhuman population beyond what Suicide Squad and [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) show us.

Wrapping Up...

So thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed it. If so, I have a youtube channel over at Eneition where I do similar things, so feel free to check that out, I like to think we do good stuff. Are you guys looking forward to Suicide Squad? Let us know below and until next time, enjoy your lives.


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