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Johnathan Johnson

Kanye West has become a super powerful human, time to be scared. But it's time to rejoice for there are 4 human beings ready to defeat him:

The first of the human contenders is the leader, Benedict Cumberbatch:

He is an unstoppable force of nature, Tumblr nature. This means he has armies of fan girls all over the world. Time for Kanye to feel some fear for the man, the myth, the Sherlock.

Now the second force chosen to face Kanye is the battle of beasts is Danny Sexbang:

An unbeatable force of sexy, Dan Avidan. His flowing locks, and killer singing voice is enough to bring Kanye to his Kanye Knees. Essential team member.

The third member of the team is, Gavin Free:

He can make time move in slow motion and he's british... 'Nuff said.

The final member is, Betty White:

Yeah, you heard me correctly. Betty Mother F***ing White! Why? Because she is Betty Mother F***ing White!

Kanye doesn't stand a chance!


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