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can Kratos be stopped?
can Kratos be stopped?

Many gamers believe that Kratos, being the God of War and able to kill all the Greek gods, is the most powerful, awesome, and bad ass video game character ever, and none con stop him.

Personally I think Kratos is a little overrated.

Here are some other Video Game characters who i believe can beat Kratos

4.Delsin Rowe, from Infamous Second Son

Delsin has the power of power absorption, so he can absorb Kratos's powers and use them against him. He is already pretty powerful, able to crash to the earth like a meteor, and summon an army of angles or demons (depending on if he is good or evil) he can also run at the speed of light, and can avoid Kratos's blades of chaos by turning into smoke.

3. Joel, from The Last Of Us

Joel is a guy who can definitely match Kratos's rage. he may be a mortal, but so was Kratos at first, Kratos wasn't a god until he slayed the god of war and took his throne, proving that a mortal can beat a god, so the same principle would apply hear, that Joel could kill Kratos and take his throne as God of War, just as Kratos did to Aries.

2.Alex Mercer, from Prototype

Alex Mercer, is an unstoppable, shape shifting, killing machine. Alex Mercer has the ability to consume others and take their form, he would be able to consume Kratos, leaving nothing left. in Prototype, Alex Mercer states that those whom he consumes are inside him, basically he can eat your soul.


He will swallow Kratos whole!


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