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I was able to put myself in Max's shoe and see the world from his point of view for only a brief moment in the beginning of this movie. yes the in the first First five mins to be exact. Whereas I got a minor introduction from Max as to who he was before leading up to the current events. Here we are told of his past life leading up to his present circumstances; where intrapersonal conflict comes into play and his struggle to keep such thoughts at bay becomes futile. As he stated " Here they come again, worming their way into the black matter of my brain, I tell myself they can not touch me. They are long dead." Clearly this is max's only defense mechanism against himself at this point. All this was apparently short lived since was captured and hauled into Servitude at the citadel which looks like towers of rocks and is the stronghold of Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays- Byrne).

The movie portrays a nightmarish future whereas it has driven the world out of its natural balance; destroying the modern civilization as we know it, because the land is dying and therefore has left the world in war and total chaos over water. It even has upped the fight for Gasoline which has now been hoarded like scraps of food everything and everyone has been sent in total disarray because of it. The movie is set in the near future yet it makes me wonder what could have possibly gone so wrong for the world to be out of balance like this? were there no early signs? Doesn't matter since all we're interested in is anything that has enough action and will have us overlooking the simplest of things. Now as we get into the action, we see where max tries to escape at one point we thought he made it but the device seemed to stall and with all that air kicking going on still managed to be caught again. Only this time to be strapped to the front of a vehicle. clearly he never quite put much thought into escaping then again he's reduced to only one instinct "survive" and that's all he's been doing right.

Here we're introduced to Immortan Joe and Infuriosa. Immortan Joe I've found him to be a very hilarious character in more ways than one. The things he says are just beyond me Take for instance that time he was operating the aquifer to showering the locals with water what he said before just had me like this man can't be serious " I am your redeemer, It is by my hand you rise from the ashes of this world" then he turns the aquifer on for maybe five mins or less then has the nerve to tell the thirst stricken people total nonsense " Do not my friends get addicted to water. It will take hold of you and you will resent its absence." then he watches as the people riot for a second then leaves. And by this time Infuriosa has gone rogue with his prize,just moment ago after being praised.

Truth is the whole movie is technically flawless, It leaves you tense with all the insane action going on continuously. And for those who've seen it in the theaters hopefully its what 3D should look like.


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