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Hey guys, as the release of Marvel Cinematic Universe's next big outing Ant-Man is nearing, it's again time for predicting the box office numbers. But first, let's see how the pre-release buzz has been holding up. Marvel has released three trailers (including the recent japanese trailer) & over 20 TV Spots till now, with all of them getting mostly positive response. Marvel also showed a six minute long footage from the movie in IMAX theatres screening Jurassic World. Last week Marvel finally started the screening of the movie & got the following reaction from the critics.

So as you can see above almost everyone loved the movie which makes predicting it's box office numbers more difficult considering for how much time it had been on development & how many fans even gave up on the movie after Edgar Wright left it, but still looking at first impression it had on the critics, I think there is still hope for a movie that stars a superhero with a weird name and weird powers. So, anyway here is my box office prediction for the movie.

OPENING WEEKEND: $ 80-85 million
FIRST WEEK: $ 125-130 million
SECOND WEEKEND: $ 40-45 million
SECOND WEEK: $ 60-65 million
THIRD WEEK: $37-38 million
TOTAL DOMESTIC: $275-300 million
TOTAL FOREIGN: $325-350 million
TOTAL WORLDWIDE: $600-650 million


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