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(Don't worry I'm totally going fanboy over this)

There comes a point in life. Somewhere down the road, you'll find a dead end. You would lose hope and simply accept it. The world wouldn't even care what's ahead that lays. It's the end of the road that matters to you, rather than the journey you take. Similarly, there are stories you just can't enjoy over and again. You will listen to it once, twice, thrice, but you still fail to see what lays beyond it. Do not panic, for the world is blinded. Some things are best left to those who are curious and in dismay. You may have your reasons to not look beyond the end. After all, it's not the end that matters but the journey itself. The Dark Knight is not some guy calling himself a joker and some guy dressing up like a bat (Well,there is that, but it's not all about that).

I still remember that feeling, the little boy in that cinematic experience. The Joker kills a man with a pencil and I'm the only one who is laughing. I was too young to even understand the plot to it. Hence, became my life's goal, the journey to behold. It's not only the shakespearean stylized drama, it's also the crime/thriller part of it. What people fail to understand are the people itself. In the end it's what the characters do, what they choose to be. It's not about blowing up things if that's what you think. Everything that these people are, everything that these people will be- is because of this city. For the city is the true unspoken devil. But the people? They choose not to face it. Someone has to rise above their fears. The paths they would take will not be the same- some choose to respect the law, some choose to offend it. There are some exceptions though, that would drive people insane. That is what this city is capable of, a place that brings the worst in us all. A man calls himself a joker and a man dresses up like a bat.

(plus-they recasted Katie Holmes and gave the part to someone who could actually act it.)


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