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Entourage is famously known for being a television show based on Mark Wahlberg’s life. I’ve always taken that with a grain of salt. The show’s direction has always put its main character - Hollywood hunk, Vincent Chase - on his own trajectory to being a star.

Vincent Chase grew up in Queens, not Dorchester. Vincent Chase starred in the highest grossing movie of all time. Mark Wahlberg was in The Happening. Perhaps there’s another actor that Vincent Chase unknowingly mirrors. Tobey Maguire might be everyone’s obvious choice. They were both high-profile superheroes and both played Nick Carraway in a Gatsby adaptation. But Vincent Chases’ parallels to Ryan Gosling can get pretty close. First, you must forgive that Gosling has dozens more credits to his name than Chase.

Chase and Gosling both started out in TV like most actors. Chase was found by his agent, Ari Gold, in a Mentos commercial. Gosling was a child actor on an episode of Goosebumps, and then was the lead in Young Hercules. This comparison is a stretch, but it gets me where I’m going.

Then, they landed supporting roles in high profile films. Chase starred opposite Mandy Moore in A Walk to Remember, and Ryan Gosling was just a linebacker and a fictional character in the true story of Remember the Titans. They both even have the word ‘remember’ in them. Now you trust me.

No lead actor is complete without a movie poster where half of their face is in darkness. Fracture (Gosling) and Head On (Chase) are both known as by-the-number crime thrillers with a twist at the end revealing an unknown killer. Does Tobey Maquire have one of those? Actually, maybe. I’m not his biggest fan so I wouldn’t know.

The greatest connection between these two actors is their loyalty to certain indie directors. Entourage highlights a bromance between Vince and director, Billy Walsh. Gosling shares a similar connection to Nicolas Winding Refn. Much could actually be said about how Refn and Walsh are similar, but we’ll stick to the actors.

Drive and Queens Boulevard were glorified indies that Hollywood tried to turn into something else. Queens Boulevard plays completely in black and white. When a studio got a hold of it, they tried to color correct the shit out of it and totally ruined the vibe of the movie. Drive was marketed as a Fast & Furious film from its trailers, throwing a lot of people off of its true scent. Also, both regarded as intelligent crime thrillers.

Their loyalty to these directors brought them to another set of crime thrillers. Chase and Walsh both went to Colombia to attempt Medellin, a Pablo Escobar biopic. Gosling and Refn went to Thailand to film an original tale, also about a drug-smuggler, called Only God Forgives. Both of these films were anticipated due to their previous collaborations. Both movies became massive disappointments. Refn’s self-destructive behavior (like Walsh’s) is highlighted in the recent documentary, My Life Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn.

Both actors are major sex symbols. If Vince’s early career took place in this decade, I’m sure there would be memes of him all over the place.

In recent days, both actors have set their sights on directing. Vincent just starred and directed in Hyde, a reimagining of the Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde story. Hyde starred Vince’s brother and frequent collaborator, Johnny Chase. Gosling recently directed Lost River and brought back many actors he’s previously worked with including Eva Mendes, Christina Hendricks, and Ben Mendelsohn. To sum it up, Maguire isn’t a sex symbol and Wahlberg isn’t a pretty boy anymore. Vincent Chase is more Ryan Gosling than anyone. Now if we could only see James Cameron’s Aquaman and Scorsese’s Gatsby.


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